The Difference Between Softscaping and Hardscaping

Published on: December 4, 2018


When changing your outdoor space, you can rely on the help of a landscaper to help you design, install and care for your landscaping. However, there are different types of landscaping and not all landscapers do all types. Knowing the difference between softscaping and hardscaping can help you choose the right landscaper for your needs.


When many people think of landscaping, they envision plants, gardens and lawn care. That is the basis of most landscaping, and almost all landscapers do this type of work. Working with dirt and plants is called softscaping. If you have a garden that needs to be planted, lawn maintenance or hedges trimmed, this is all under the scope of softscaping. If all you want to do to improve your landscaping is to enhance your lawn and garden area, you can bet that most landscapers will offer this type of service.


When it comes to building hardscapes, not all landscapers are equipped to handle these projects. In some states, landscapers that go beyond softscaping need a contractor’s license and have different insurance requirements. Hardscapes include any structure that is built using non-plant materials. This includes patios, pathways, garden ponds, fire pits and other outdoor space structures. It is important to make sure your landscaper offers these services if you believe you will want to add hardscapes to your landscape design.

When it comes to choosing a landscaper, you want to ensure they can provide you with all the services you need. If lawn maintenance is all you need, then almost any quality landscaper can handle your needs. However, if improving your outdoor space is in your plans, find a landscaper that offers both soft and hardscaping in their services.

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