Creating an Ecosystem Pond in Your Backyard

Published on: May 28, 2018

If you love the beauty of nature, especially water life, adding a pond or other landscaping water feature to your backyard can bring the sights and sounds to your home. While a koi pond or water garden is nice, if you want the full effect of interactive water life, consider an ecosystem pond. This is not just plants or fish, but a full spectrum of life that thrives together in nature. It can take some time to nurture, but over time, these types of ponds can take on a life of their own, creating a complete ecosystem in your backyard for your enjoyment.

What is an Ecosystem Pond?

Ponds in nature have a perfect balance of plants, fish and insects that feed and nourish each other. They keep each species in check – the insects thrive off water and plants, the fish feed off the insects and the plants flourish with water. The idea of an ecosystem pond is creating this same environment in your yard. To do this, you need a few key elements:

  • Fresh, clean water – filtered, flowing water is usually needed
  • Deep, shaded pool – too shallow or too sunny will not help fish thrive
  • Plenty of water plants – they add oxygen and attract the insects needed to feed your water life
  • Protection from leaves, algae and debris that can contaminate the water

If done correctly, your ecosystem pond can sustain a healthy fish population and even attract water birds if it is large enough. You can add a waterfall or other features to add to the beauty of your pond. To create this natural centerpiece, contact an experienced hardscape landscaper that offers ecosystem pond building to ensure you start with the right elements to create your perfect pond.

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