Is a Backyard Fireplace Safe?

Published on: July 29, 2018

Have you been considering adding a backyard fire pit or fireplace, but you wonder if it is safe? While it is true that any open fire can be a hazard, there are many things you can do to minimize the risks. It is very obtainable to have a gorgeous outdoor fireplace that adds warmth and light to your outdoor living area without posing a hazard to your home or family. Consider these tips to ensure your new outdoor fire feature is safe.

Surround it with Stone

The biggest risk for any fire is sparks catching something on fire. A big spark landing on dry grass could start a fire in your yard, jeopardizing your home and neighborhood. This risk can be simply extinguished with stone, cement or brick. Your fireplace should be surrounded by a non-flammable surface – it makes it safe and beautiful.

Fire Screens

If you are concerned little ones may get burned by the fire, invest in a fire screen. This keeps sparks in and little fingers out. Screens are available for both fire pits and fireplaces, making your outdoor feature safe.

Always Put Out Your Fire

When the evening comes to an end, always completely put your fire out. Just like camping, you never want to leave a smoldering fire. Coals can last for hours, hidden under the soot. Make sure you douse your fire completely before you go in for the night.

There is no reason to give up the beauty of an outdoor fireplace due to concerns about safety. Talk to your hardscape landscaper to design a fireplace that will have all the right safety features so you can enjoy your new fireplaces without worry.

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