Act Fast To Get Rid of Weeds

Published on: March 3, 2014

What exactly is a weed?

Most people would agree that a weed is an “unwanted plant” that grows somewhere you don’t want it to be. People dislike and hate weeds for many reasons, including:

  • Weeds disrupt the uniformity, beauty, and harmony of yards and landscapes.
  • Weeds steal precious nutrients, light, and moisture from grass, plants, etc.
  • Weeds are potentially harmful to some people.

Spreading Weeds

Weeds travel and spread from one place to the next with the assistance of their diverse “helpers,” such as,

  • Birds
  • Rodents
  • Dogs
  • Other animals
  • Humans

Those are all known carriers of weed seeds. In addition, rain can also transport weed seeds through its run-off. And, even wind makes a contribution to the distribution of weed seeds, and therefore, the spreading of weeds.

Prompt Action

Procrastinating or waiting is last thing you want to do when faced with a weed problem.

Because as mentioned above, the spread of weeds happens, easily and fast. The longer you wait, the more weeds you’ll eventually have to deal with. Instead, take immediate action to get rid of your weeds. Otherwise, the task of weed control will become larger, and more difficult.

Getting Professional Help

After struggling, or failing miserably to control weeds on their landscape, many property owners now hand their “weed control” nightmare over to professional landscapers.

Controlling weeds requires many things, including choosing the right herbicide, knowing what time (s) of the year to apply it, and much more. Professional landscapers are an excellent choice if you’d like some help, and to take all the guesswork out of weed control.

Posted on behalf of Dusty Edinger, Tommy Gun Lawn Care


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