5 Water Features that Can Add Beauty to Your Outdoor Space

Published on: April 2, 2018

Does your outdoor space need a refreshing water feature to bring it to life? Water can turn a boring patio or backyard into a pleasurable oasis that you can enjoy every day. Whatever the size of your backyard or limit to your budget, there is a water feature that can add beauty to your outdoor space. Consider these five water feature options.

  1. Koi pond. Bring the beauty of colorful fish and a living eco-system to your backyard. A koi pond is a lovely addition if you have the room and a relaxing place to enjoy nature in your own yard.
  2. The sound of water splashing over rocks or a sculpture is so relaxing and refreshing. Waterfalls can be as big or small as you want; even a tiny patio can have a small waterfall in the corner.
  3. Fountains. Spritzing water in the form of a fountain is the perfect water feature for small spaces. You can add a bird bath or a small moveable fountain that adds a little life to your patio or deck.
  4. Babbling brook. Flowing water has a relaxing quality that can turn your landlocked home into a riverside retreat. Create your own babbling brook that travels around your backyard.
  5. Water walls. Like waterfalls, water walls give you a cascading water feature that adds sound and movement to your outdoor space. Many use recycling options that help conserve water and energy, while still giving you a lovely feature for your enjoyment.

Although water features can add beauty to your home, they can be complicated to install. Talk to your local landscaper to get a professional installation to ensure your water feature will last for years to come.

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