5 Services Your Landscaper Can Perform

Published on: December 4, 2018

Landscapers can do much more than mow your lawn or trim your hedges. Even if you enjoy keeping a manicured lawn yourself, there may be chores around your yard that could be best handled by a landscaper. While many landscaping companies perform ongoing maintenance for the bread and butter of their business, they also may offer other one-time services that you may not have the equipment or expertise to perform. Here are five services to consider hiring out to a landscaper to maintain your property.

  • Yard cleanup. When a big storm hits or after months of winter weather, hire a landscaper to come clean up your yard. Not only can they rake leaves and branches, they can haul it away for you.
  • Aerating. Your lawn needs nutrients to thrive. If thatch becomes too thick or the soil too compacted, the grass may not flourish. Hire a landscaper to aerate your lawn in the spring or early summer.
  • Fertilizing. Using the right fertilizer is important for the best landscaping results. Landscapers can test your soil and choose the correct fertilizer for your lawn and gardens.
  • Sprinklers. If you want to add an irrigation system, leave this to the professionals. Your landscaper can install a sprinkler system that works best for your landscaping needs.
  • Hardscapes. Adding a patio or retaining wall requires expertise. Let a professional install your hardscapes for the best results.

While you can save money doing some landscaping chores yourself, for some projects it is worth the investment to hire a professional. The next time you need help improving your lawn or landscape design, call a local landscaper to save time and ensure the job gets done correctly.

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