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Retention Pond Maintenance Wilmington NC

Pond dredging, a method of detention pond cleanup is difficult work, and should be done by a licensed detention pond cleanup contractor. The regular cleaning of sediments and residue is necessary to eliminate the need of a deep dredging that is both time consuming and very costly to the pond owner. The best way to keep from incurring extreme costs, not to mention possible city/county fines, is to contact our Wilmington NC retention pond maintenance company so that they can set your pond up on a regular maintenance schedule that will keep your retention pond in good shape, up to city codes and environmentally healthy.

Wilmington Detention Pond Cleanup

A sour pond is not only unsightly, it is downright dangerous. Germs and bacteria build up in the scum and algae that an over-run pond accumulates. One of the more serious health issues from a failing retention or detention pond is E. coli. People in the vicinity of a clogged and dirty detention pond are at risk for this serious illness.

Quality issues can also occur with the pond when left unmanaged. One such problem is side erosion that can allow water to seep from the basin onto surrounding land. That leaves all buildings in the area at risk of water damage, and drainage ditches and sewers at risk of overload. Most of the time ponds are cared for by the local communities, but in some cases, private detention ponds are the responsibility of a homeowner or homeowner's association.

Storm Water Runoff Control

ontact our Wilmington NC retention pond maintenance company to schedule the proper maintenance to keep your pond clean and healthy. Let our detention pond cleanup crew do the dirty work, leaving you time to enjoy the beauty and serenity of a beautiful pond.

Wilmington NC Retention Pond Maintenance

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