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Retention Pond Maintenance Toledo OH

Whether you use your pond for city water control, have a large farm operation where retention pond maintenance allows you to keep waste products controlled and makes better use of them, or for containing manufacturing waste, our Toledo OH retention pond maintenance company is your ticket to successful pond operation.

Toledo Detention Pond Cleanup

The most important element in pond control is to keep the water flowing when it is supposed to and staying put when it needs to so drainage ditches, sewers and other plumbing aren't overwhelmed by natural watershed. Our detention pond cleanup crew will show you how to watch out for clogged drain outlets and plugged up inlets. When needed, we will dredge the pond so that it continues to hold enough water for the required control.

For large retention pond maintenance, our Toledo OH retention pond maintenance company will make sure the ponds edges remain strong, so no water can seep over the top and destroy area property or buildings. Another important function of a detention pond cleanup crew is water testing of holding ponds that contain hazardous waste. Even livestock waste creates health hazards when not kept in proper holding facilities. Healthy retention pond maintenance keeps ponds working and makes good use of the produced water for field fertilization.

Retention Pond Services

We will also make sure your retention pond is in compliance with your local city or county ordinances. The last thing you want is hefty fines imposed because retention or detention pond has failed an inspection.

Contact our Toledo OH retention pond maintenance company today. We can provide you with regularly schedule detention pond cleanup so that your pond will remain in good working order.

Toledo OH Retention Pond Maintenance

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