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Retention Pond Maintenance Springfield MO

If you can tell you need to call a detention pond cleanup crew, chances are it is going to be an expensive call. Once your pond is in trouble, repair can mean days of interrupted work, invasive heavy-equipment and lots of money. The best way to ensure you don't end up with costly detention pond cleanup needs is to have a Springfield MO retention pond maintenance company set up a schedule of care that will keep everything running smoothly.

Springfield Detention Pond Cleanup

Some signs that you need to call for retention pond maintenance are green colored water, bare earth around the pond edges, bird droppings, trash and litter in the water or on the shoreline or overrun vegetation that is wilted or dead. Green colored water is a sign of "algae bloom," a condition where the biological balance of the pond's eco-system is out of balance. Some algae is normal in any pond, but you need detention pond cleanup when it gets too noticeable. When algae builds up it creates an impermeable barrier that air can't penetrate. Bacteria get locked in and multiply, and can result in health hazards for anyone in the area.

Water Pond Cleaning Service

Our Springfield MO retention pond maintenance crew can perform regular testing to make sure you have good quality water. Bird droppings cause several problems for your retention pond maintenance. Waste builds up and clogs drains and inlets so water can't flow. It also adds to the problem of imbalance in the water, and spreads bacteria. Plant life around your pond is still another regular chore for a retention pond maintenance crew.

Contact our Springfield MO retention pond maintenance company today. We can setup a retention pond maintenance schedule that will keep your pond functioning efficiently and effectively all year round.

Springfield MO Retention Pond Maintenance

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