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Retention Pond Maintenance San Jose CA

Erosion of the sides is one of the most common retention pond maintenance problems. Our San Jose CA detention pond cleanup crew can help solve erosion problems in several ways. First, we can plant healthy landscaping brush and natural grasses along the shoreline to keep earth in place and prevent watershed from crumbling sides. The next, and probably the hardest part of retention pond maintenance is keeping wildlife out of the area.

San Jose Detention Pond Cleanup

Geese and ducks are attractive, and fun to watch, but they are very hard on your property. Their movement shifts the ground, but that's not the worst part. They eat the grass and plant life down to the ground so all the work detention pond cleanup destroyed, and erosion is made worse.

Waste matter from water fowl also builds up both on the ground and in the water, creating possible bacteria. Keeping your retention pond free from bacteria is important because detention and retention ponds can harbor deadly illnesses such as E. coli that can spread to local residents. You will be responsible for the health of those exposed to the illness caused by your pond.

Detention Pond Cleaning Service

Trash from people in the area is another big problem that can cause serious backups and clogs in your pond. If you don't keep up with the problem it can cost you much more in heavy-duty detention pond cleanup than regular retention pond maintenance. You may also incur several fines after a spot inspection by the city government.

Contact our San Jose CA retention pond maintenance company today and get on a schedule for your pond. We will provide professional retention pond maintenance services to make sure your pond is operating the way it should.

San Jose CA Retention Pond Maintenance

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