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Retention Pond Maintenance San Diego CA

Detention pond cleanup is necessary when a pond fails. There are several reasons a retention pond maintenance goes bad. Some of the problems arise from bad management of surrounding vegetation. Our San Diego CA retention pond maintenance company will make sure your landscaping is properly cared for so that it does its job, without causing damage from wilting, dead or shedding plants.

San Diego Detention Pond Cleanup

Another reason ponds fail is clogs from organic debris and trash thrown from the road or passersby foot traffic. Your retention pond maintenance company will help provide ways to keep people away from the direct area, but there's not much that can be done about litter that gets into the area other than policing the grounds regularly. If trash gets into the drains, inlets or open water it can cause a backup that is unsightly and destructive.

A San Diego CA retention pond maintenance company may have to dredge to get the clogs opened. Organic debris is another matter, and harder than human trash to contain. Wildlife brings a lot of beauty to an area, but they also bring waste and destroy property around the pond causing erosion from eating grass and walking along shorelines.

Retention Pond Services

Costs for retention pond maintenance vary from pond to pond, and depend on size and location of the area. Detention pond cleanup is worth the cost, compared to big repair bills if a pond fails, or worse, compensation costs if failing ponds destroys property or harms residents of surrounding properties.

Get on regularly schedule maintenance plan by contacting our San Diego CA retention pond maintenance professionals today.

San Diego CA Retention Pond Maintenance

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