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Retention Pond Maintenance Minneapolis MN

Some of the things that make your retention pond maintenance difficult are things that are hard to control. People walking in the area, drivers passing by and throwing trash out the window, and hardest of all, birds like geese and ducks taking up residence in your pond. These are all things our detention pond cleanup experts can help you control. When you call our retention pond maintenance company, we can develop barriers to keep people away from the pond. You shouldn't allow anyone to play around the pond. Besides being bad for the ground around the pond and breaking down the borders, it is also not safe. Your pond can harbor serious bacteria that are a health hazard.

Minneapolis Detention Pond Cleanup

You may need our Minneapolis MN detention pond cleanup crew if you have wildlife congregating by your pond. As beautiful as geese and ducks are, they eat at the vegetation, baring the earth so that it dries out from exposure and starts to erode. When your pond sides erode, a retention pond maintenance company will have to build it up and replant the area to help keep the ground in place.

Retention Pond Services

Our retention pond maintenance expert can provide you with an estimate on what kind of retention pond maintenance your pond needs to get in shape. A detention pond cleanup crew will set you up on a regular schedule for dredging to make sure the sides and depth of your pond is the proper level. Detention pond cleanup also takes care of water condition so it is safe for the people in the area around your pond.

Contact our Minneapolis MN retention pond maintenance company today! We can make your pond safe and maintain it so that it will operate the way it was intended.

Minneapolis MN Retention Pond Maintenance

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