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Retention Pond Maintenance Little Rock AR

Even with the best retention pond maintenance schedules, your detention pond cleanup crew will have to dredge the pond eventually. The normal requirement for digging out an existing detention or retention pond is every 10 to 20 years. The difference depends greatly on how well maintained your pond is kept. Because dredging is expensive, intrusive and time consuming, it is best to get the most out of your pond and have a regular retention pond maintenance service schedule.

Little Rock Detention Pond Cleanup

Other ways to keep from needing detention pond cleanup services too often are keeping geese and ducks from landing on the water, or nesting on the shores. As beautiful as wildlife and birds may be to see visiting your pond, their movements and grazing habits cause erosion to the sides of a detention pond, and their waste causes a nitrogen rich buildup of sediments that can clog pipes, drains, and overflows.

Retention Pond Landscapers

Both types of ponds must meet city ordinances and our Little Rock AR retention pond maintenance company will make sure it is up to code. Whenever detention pond cleanup is needed it is best to have it done on time, before serious breakdowns occur. You, or the person or company responsible for the pond is also responsible for the public health and safety of anyone who may be affected by contaminated water. Detention pond cleanup is necessary to avoid harmful bacteria buildup.

Contact our Little Rock AR retention pond maintenance company and get on a regular schedule. You may never know how much it costs when a detention or retention pond fails, but it is well worth the cost of regular retention pond maintenance to never find out.

Little Rock AR Retention Pond Maintenance

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