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Retention Pond Maintenance Chicago IL

When you think of Chicago, it's not likely you think ponds of any type, but detention and retention pond maintenance are important factors of any city area. Large factories and manufacturing plants need retention pond maintenance to keep their water containment areas safe and keep harmful chemicals and waste products from filtering into the surrounding ground water.

Other uses for retention & detention ponds are to gather and contain water during heavy watershed periods. Mother Nature doesn't spare big cities from heavy downpours, and Chicago is well-known for its heavy snowfall that translates into a lot of frozen water to melt. All of that water has to go somewhere, and unless the municipalities employ good detention pond cleanup measures, the water will overpower the sewers and drains with catastrophic effects.

Chicago Detention Pond Cleanup

If you are experiencing heavy water infiltration, call our Chicago IL retention pond maintenance contractor. We can go over proper detention pond cleanup measures that should be performed.

As pretty as they can be, these types of ponds are not for recreation, so make sure your residential or commercial retention pond is blocked from human use. Proper detention pond cleanup measures aren't enough to make sure a pond is safe. Allowing pedestrians along the shoreline also promotes erosion, a real problem for retention pond maintenance.

Pond Landscaping Contractor

Some detention pond cleanup requires heavy equipment and can only be done by an experienced professional retention pond maintenance company. Regular dredging keeps your pond properly formed and deep enough. It also clears clogs, and gets rid of excess debris.

For more information on keeping your pond in good shape, call our Chicago IL retention pond maintenance company today. We will schedule your detention pond cleanup service to keep in working as it is intended.

Chicago IL Retention Pond Maintenance

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