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Retention Pond Maintenance Baltimore MD

Baltimore, like many other American municipalities, requires that regular retention pond maintenance be performed by both commercial property owners and residential associations. City and county officials want to make sure that the rainwater that is collected in retention ponds doesn't disturb any of the properties in the surrounding area. If your pond is located within the city limits, then your pond will be inspected by city employees on an annual or bi-annual basis. If your pond is located outside the city, then it will be inspected by the county. In addition to the routine retention pond maintenance, detention pond owners are also responsible for seeing that detention pond cleanup is regularly performed.

Baltimore Detention Pond Cleanup

In order to make sure that your retention or detention pond will pass inspection, there are several steps that we can take. For example, the storm drains will be periodically inspected to make sure that they are free of built up debris. Your pond also has several other key components, including side embankments, which will inspect on a regular basis to see that your system is still functioning properly. Sadly, homeowners sometimes pour various pollutants, such as chemicals and other waste, down storm drains. Simply making sure that the homeowners in your association or the business tenants on your commercial property understand that they should not do this could save you a lot of headaches in the long run.

Retention Pond Repairs

Our Baltimore MD retention pond maintenance contractors are available to help with all your detention pond cleanup tasks. We will also make sure your retention pond continues to meet the city or county code requirements. Contact us today and we can help make sure that your retention pond stays in good working order for years to come.

Baltimore MD Retention Pond Maintenance

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