5 Benefits of Lawn Grading

The grade of your lawn can have a big impact on your property. The wrong grade or uneven lawns can cause problems and impact your landscaping, home and property value. Lawn grading can correct issues with your lawns surface, protecting your investment in your home and property. Here are five benefits that can be gained by lawn grading.

1. Simple Solution to a Drainage Problem

A flat or uneven lawn can cause drainage issues. If you have pooling in your yard or a leaking basement, a simple solution may be lawn grading. This can help improve drainage, allowing water to flow away from your home.

2. Better Views

If you are on a hillside with a nice view, the wrong grade can limit what you can see from your yard or patio. Grading can help improve the visibility.

3. Improved Lawn Growth

Uneven lawns can cause water pooling or drain-off that impacts grass growth. Leveling the soil can help with irrigation and drainage issues to improve the health of your lawn.

4. Increase the Size of Your Yard

If you want to expand your yard, lawn grading can flatten areas edging your yard. This can give you more space for outdoor activities and can increase the value of your home.

5. Add a Pool, Driveway or Patio

If you are considering adding a new paved area or pool, lawn grading can prepare your yard for the new addition.

A smooth, even grade can help improve your yard and property. If you have an uneven yard or want to improve the grade for drainage, landscaping or new structures, contact a landscaping company that offers lawn grading services.

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5 Types of Drainage Solutions

If you struggle with water issues on your property, drainage is vital to protecting from erosion, landscaping deterioration and basement flooding. Directing water flow away from your home and yard to maintain your property can be accomplished through a few different drainage options. Here are five types of drainage solutions to help protect your property from water damage.

  1. French drains. French drains are a network of underground perforated piping that can help distribute water and prevent pooling.
  2. Dry creek beds. A beautiful and functional drainage solution is the dry creek bed. Using stones, you can create a meandering creek bed that attract water and directs it to an appropriate drainage point. Your local landscaper can install this for you.
  3. Downspout drainage. One of the reasons for poor drainage around your home is the downspouts from your gutters. Installing drainage to direct the flow of water coming out of your downspouts can keep water away from your foundation.
  4. Slopes. A natural solution to drainage problems can be changing the level of slope on your yard. A slight downgrade can create water runoff away from your home and prevent pooling in your yard.
  5. New gutters. If the gutters on your home and other structures are not functioning correctly, they can cause water accumulation around your foundations. New gutters combined with proper drainage at the downspouts can help manage the water flow from precipitation on your property.

Consulting an experienced landscaping company that offers drainage installation can help you determine the best solution for managing water issues on your property. Protect the investment into your home by having a drainage solution installed through your local landscaper.

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Why Should You Hire a Professional Bobcat Service?

Do you need your yard graded for better drainage or need to move soil for a hardscape project? Before you research renting a bobcat and doing it yourself, consider the benefits of hiring a professional bobcat service. There are some projects that may best left to the professionals. Here are some projects where hiring a professional bobcat service is a worthwhile investment.

Grading or Leveling for Drainage

If the right slope is not used for your property, you could have a drainage problem on your hands. A bobcat can be used to grade your property to create a slope for leveling and draining your property. It is important to have a professional that can create the correct slope for efficient drainage.

Soil Removal for Hardscapes

If you are adding a retaining wall, patio or other hardscape, you may have a significant amount of soil that will need to be moved. Save time by hiring a professional landscaping company that offers bobcat services and hardscape installation for the best results.

Improve Your Property Aesthetics

Need a bigger lawn or want to improve your view? Removing soil and slopes can improve the look of your property and add value. However, this is not a good DIY project for novice landscapers. Hire a professional landscaper that can graded or remove soil with a bobcat to protect the value of your property and avoid damage.

There is expertise that is needed for large landscaping projects that require soil moving or removal. Hiring a professional bobcat service is worth the investment to ensure the project is done correctly the first time, without causing irreputable damage to your property and home.

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