Landscaping Options to Save on Water Use

Are your water bills high during the summer months due to irrigation for your landscaping? Or maybe you just want to protect the environment by using less water? Whatever your reason, if you want to save on water use for your landscaping, there are options that will still allow you to have a beautiful yard while conserving on water. Here are some ideas to minimize your irrigation this summer.

Invest in Artificial Turf

There are incredible options for artificial turf that can allow you to have a gorgeous, green lawn all year round without wasting water. There are different varieties to choose from that look natural and have many benefits besides saving on irrigation.

Add Flagstone or Other Paved Areas

More and more people are choosing to limit their grass and go with a paved front or backyard. Flagstone offers a natural approach to paving your yard, or you can choose to install a brick or paver courtyard. These are beautiful alternatives to a big lawn that requires extensive watering.


Ask your landscaper about xeroscaping options for your yard. A rock garden or using drought-resistant plants can create a stunning landscape design without the need for irrigation. It is an eco-friendly choice and most are also very low maintenance to save on time spent weeding or caring for your yard.

Even if you still want to have a lawn and garden, you can save on water use with efficient irrigation options. Newer systems can reduce water waste and help you control how much water you use. Talk to your local landscaping company about all the different options available to save on water use for your yard this summer.

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What Plants Work Best for a Low-Water Landscape Design?

Whether you want to conserve water or just prefer plants that require less maintenance, there are several plants which are well-suited to low-water landscaping. Most people choose their plants based on aesthetics, not considering how much water they will need to stay healthy. If you want a yard that looks beautiful with needing excessive irrigation, here are a few plants to consider:

  • Lilac. Lilac bushes, especially the California variety, are a great addition to a low-water landscape. They require very little maintenance and water, while adding beautiful color to your yard when they bloom. Plus, you just can’t beat the wonderful smell the flowers provide.
  • Ornamental grasses. There are several ornamental grasses which can add variety to your landscape design without needing much water to stay vibrant. One excellent choice is blue oat-grass, with a fantastic spray that’s artistic in design.
  • Drought-tolerant grass. For a lawn that needs less water, try sod or replanting with a drought-tolerant grass. Both Bermuda and Zoysia varieties are excellent choices, with different varieties that respond better to different climates. Talk to your landscaper or landscape supplier to determine which is best for your region.
  • Chinese Pistache. A beautiful tree that can survive low-water environments is the Chinese Pistache. It is a smaller tree that does not have a large root system, so it is perfect for even a smaller yard without much space.

For more plant options that use less water, talk to your local landscaper. They can give you advice about which plants are best suited for your climate, and require less maintenance and watering.

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