Using Trellises in Small or Narrow Yards

Just because you have a small or narrow yard does not mean you cannot make it look beautiful with landscaping techniques. One way to make the most of a limited yard space is with the use of trellises. You may be surprised how adding these beautiful vertical lawn ornaments to your yard can help make the most of your narrow or small outdoor space. Here are some ideas on how to incorporate trellises into your landscape design for a small yard.

Grow Up and Over

With small yards, you have very little space for planting. Adding a trellis and an arbor can give you more space to add plants. Vine plants can create gorgeous walls and ceilings of green, plus you can use the trellis or arbor for hanging plants. When you have a small yard, going vertical is the best option for planting.

Creating Privacy

Many times, a small yard is due to crowded housing. If your neighbor is just a stone’s throw away, your small yard may not have much privacy. A trellis can provide a privacy barrier that looks beautiful while providing a valuable function.

Sectioning Your Yard

Trellises can be used to make your yard look bigger by creating separate sections. Divide your yard into a garden space and a social spot, breaking up the yard to create the illusion of a larger area.

Trellises come in a variety of materials and styles that can help decorate your yard while adding a functional aspect. Talk to your local landscape designer to help you make the most of your small or narrow yard with the use of beautiful trellises.

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Landscaping Ideas for Small Spaces

You don’t need a large yard to make the most of your outdoor space. Many homes, condos and townhouses have limited yard or patio areas, but you still want to enjoy some time outdoors. While expansive gardens and waterfalls may not be possible in a small space, there are ways to still add beauty and tranquility to your outdoor area. Here are some landscaping ideas to make your outdoor living space, however small, tasteful and enjoyable.

  • Fountains. Large ponds and waterfalls may be too much for a small space, but you can still have the sound and coolness of water with a fountain. Small vertical fountains or a mini-water wall can be added to a corner for a soothing effect.
  • Plant vertically. You can still have flowers and vegetable gardens in a small space; you just need to plant vertically. Look for outdoor planting racks that allow you to tier your plants up in a small horizontal space.
  • Plant bright colors. Bright colors catch the attention of the eye. For smaller front or backyards, planting bright flowers and other plants up front to make the space behind seem larger.
  • Use tall bushes, shrubs and foliage to create an oasis. Even if it is small, you can make your backyard into a natural oasis using tall foliage to enclose the space. Thin privacy trees, shrubs and tropical foliage are come excellent options.
  • Small, intimate seating areas. Make more than one spot for seating – a fire pit area, small bistro set or a comfy patio set. Breaking your small space into individual relaxation areas can make the area seem larger.

Want to have a beautiful outdoor space that fits your style? Talk to your local landscaper for more ideas to enhance the space you have with space-efficient landscaping.

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