Trim Trees Now to Prevent Storm Damage

One of the main sources of storm damage to property is trees. It is not just toppling trees that can cause significant damage; dead branches landing on vehicles, patio furniture, roofs, siding and people can also rack up large damage bills. Even though homeowner’s insurance will usually pay for storm damage caused by trees, there is still a deductible to pay and a possible hike in insurance premiums to consider, as well as possible injuries to your family. Trimming trees now could prevent storm damage that could be costly to you in the future.

It is common for trees to have branches that die, even if the rest of the tree is healthy. A branch that was damaged in a previous storm or has been affected by insects or disease can die and become a hazard. When high winds set in or a heavy rain, hail or snow storms hit, these dead branches are the first to come down. Not only do they make a mess of your yard, they can do serious harm and injury when they fall.

Hire a Landscaper for Tree Trimming

The best way to avoid branch damage during severe storms is to proactively remove dead branches. However, this can be dangerous to do on your own. Some landscaping companies offer tree trimming as one of their services, which is a safer and more convenient option. They have the equipment and expertise to remove any dead or dangerous limbs from your trees and can also haul them away for you. Your trees will look neater and be healthier once these old hanging branches are removed and you can reduce your risk of serious storm damage or injuries caused by hazardous limbs.

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Top 3 Reasons to Prune Your Trees

Trees offer so much beauty and function to your property. Not only do they provide shade and privacy, their leaves, needles and branches are gorgeous to behold. They also invite birds, squirrels and other wildlife into your yard to watch for your enjoyment. To continue reaping the benefits of tree ownership, you need to keep them healthy and safe. One maintenance chore is pruning. Here are three reasons to keep up with your pruning maintenance for the important trees on your property.

  1. Growth. Pruning can both inhibit growth or encourage it. Pruning back limbs that are becoming too long can be necessary. But pruning can also help encourage new growth or ensure your trees are growing the way you want. Aesthetics are a big reason you want to keep your trees pruned.
  1. Safety. If limbs are growing over your electrical lines or home, it may be best to prune or remove these limbs for safety. Keep an eye out for limbs that need to be pruned back due to growth or broken limbs that need to be removed.
  1. Health. Dead limbs that are unhealthy need to be removed to protect the rest of the tree. Regular pruning can also promote good health for a tree if done correctly. This can be very important for fruit trees to get the best production.

Pruning your trees is important, but it is also vital that you prune them at the right time of year and do it correctly. Poor pruning can jeopardize the health of the tree. If you are not sure on the best pruning techniques for your trees, call your local landscaper for lawn maintenance service.

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