7 Landscape Services for Spring

Spring is a busy time when it comes to maintaining your landscaping. This can be the opportune time to hire a landscaping service to help improve the beauty of your outdoor space. Here are seven one-time landscape services that can save you time this spring when you hire a professional.

  1. Yard cleanup. Before you can begin planting, edging or mowing, you need the debris from winter cleared away. Hire a landscape service to perform yard cleanup and remove all the branches, leaves and other debris from your yard.
  2. Aeration. If you have thick thatch that is confining your grass roots, your lawn may not be getting the water and nutrients it needs. A landscaper can aerate your lawn to loosen soil and perforate thatch.
  3. Mulching. Did you lose mulch over the winter? Have a landscaper deliver and spread new mulch in your gardens and landscape areas.
  4. Overseeding and fertilizing. Is your lawn sparse? Overseeding and fertilizer can help boost grass growth. Landscape pros know the right fertilizer and seeding methods to get the best results.
  5. Update your irrigation. Don’t wait until summer to update your irrigation. Get a new system installed before the hot weather arrives.
  6. Add new features. Update your patio or backyard with some new features. Consider an outdoor fireplace or fire pit to add light and warmth to your outdoor living space.
  7. Upgrade your outdoor lighting. Outdoor lighting can help you enjoy your landscaping at night or make your home more secure or safer. Consult a landscaper on ways to update your outdoor lighting for function and aesthetics.

Give your yard the professional help it needs this spring by hiring a landscaping company. It will save you time and ensure your yards are ready for summer.

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The Best Times to Fertilize Your Lawn

The grass in your lawn needs nutrients to thrive, but every year the soil can become depleted from constant growth throughout the seasons. Fertilizer enhances the soil, helping your grass grow thicker, greener and helping it survive during the height of drought or heat periods of summer. However, there are better times than others to feed your lawn. Knowing when to add fertilize can help you get the best results from your efforts.

Spring Feeding

In most regions, fertilizer is not needed in the winter. The best time to start fertilizing is in the spring when the soil reaches about 55 degrees. The grass should be growing and early bloomers like lilacs may begin to show their blossoms. April and May are usually the best months to feed your lawn, giving it the first boost to help it flourish.

For most lawns, fertilizer can be added every 4-8 weeks from spring to fall. Time released granules can last 6-8 weeks between applications. Keep in mind that if you have sprinklers, you will likely need to fertilize more often. Watering flushes away fertilizer quicker, so plan on more applications in the months when the most watering is needed. When fertilizing, it is always better to use less than more; too much can burn and do more harm than good.

As far as the type of fertilizer, it depends on the type of grass you have and the composition of your soil. The most accurate way to add fertilizer is to have your local landscaper test your soil and recommend the right combination of fertilizer to give you the best results. If you have a landscaper that does your lawn maintenance, they can take care of your fertilizing for you and ensure that your grass stays green and healthy through the growing season.

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Does Your Lawn Need Aeration This Spring?

Spring is the best time to give your lawn the maintenance it needs to flourish during the hotter summer months. Fertilizing, reseeding and aeration are all best done in the spring. This gives your grass the nutrients and environment it needs to sustain its health through the heat of summer. Aeration is one process that is often overlooked that can be beneficial to lawn health and beauty. Here is how to know whether your lawn needs aeration and why it is beneficial to have this service performed.

Thick Thatch

Look at the ground under your grass and check the texture. If there is a thick, soft covering of undergrowth that covers the soil, this is thatch that can hinder the health of your lawn. Thick thatch can reduce the amount of air, water and nutrients that can penetrate down to the roots of your grass. Water and fertilizer can be trapped on top of the thatch, starving and dehydrating your grass, plus it can be suffocated from getting the oxygen it needs.

Benefits of Aeration

With aeration, holes are punched through thick thatch, allowing your grass roots to get the nutrients it needs. This can help grass reach its potential, becoming thicker and healthier to survive the hot months of summer. It can also reduce the amount of irrigation needed to sustain a healthier lawn, cutting down on watering expenses.

Aeration is best performed by a professional landscaper that can evaluate your lawn and determine the correct amount of perforation needed for the best results. Plus, they have the equipment needed, which not all homeowners have on hand. Contact your local landscaping service if your lawn needs aeration to ensure a beautiful lawn all summer long.

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Have Winter Storms Left Your Backyard a Mess?

Every year the winter storms blow in, and every year you are left with a mess. Broken branches, leaves and debris can take over your front and backyards, creating an eyesore. If you don’t have the time or energy to spend a few days making your yard neat again, consider hiring a landscaping cleanup service. Here are a few reasons to let the professionals clean up that mess for you.

  • The right equipment. Sometimes it takes more than just a rake to clean up the debris left from the winter. Often you will need to have broken limbs removed from trees and large amounts of debris collected. Landscaping services come prepared with the right equipment to do the job.
  • Injury hazards. If you are not used to spending several hours raking, lifting and climbing, you could injure yourself trying to clean up your backyard. Hire a landscape service that is conditioned for this type of work and carries insurance for their workers.
  • Haul away service. Once you collect all the debris, it needs to be hauled away. You need a truck and a way to secure your load to bring it somewhere for disposal. Let the professionals take care of all this for you.
  • Making it neat. Not only can a landscape service do your cleanup, they can make your yard look neat and tidy again. Let them give your yard a once over, pruning, mowing and edging to bring it back to pre-winter glory.

Sometimes it is worth the investment to hire a professional when you have a big job around your home. When it comes to cleaning up that winter storm mess, let your local landscaper do you the favor of making your yard look beautiful again.

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