Landscaping a Sloped Front Yard

If your home sits atop a steep slope or hill, your front yard may be difficult to landscape. The traditional lush lawn and hedges will not work well on a hill, requiring more creative options for your front yard. Here are some ideas to make the most of your sloped front yard, creating a look that is beautiful and easy to maintain.

Retaining Walls for a Terraced Entrance

To make the hill easier to landscape, consider adding retaining walls to break up the hill and create terraces for planting. This can create a gorgeous entrance to your home and add to the curb appeal with floating gardens.

Forego the Groundcover

Forget using grass or ground cover for a steeply sloped front yard – it is likely to erode and difficult to maintain. Instead, you can plant shrubs, tall grasses and interesting plants spotted over the slope, along with boulders to cover the hillside.

Stunning Stairs

If you want a walkway from the street level, you will need a safe stairway for your guests. There are many options, from natural stone steps made from flagstone to a sturdy wooden stairway with handrails to create a passable walkway up the hill.

Rocks and Waterfalls

Skip the plants and adorn your front yard hill with granite or other stone work if it matches the style of your home. You can even add a waterfall that uses gravity to trickle down your hillside for a stunning front yard statement.

Landscaping steep slopes and hills can be tricky, but if done right, you will have a unique front yard for your home. To find the best landscaping design for your sloped front yard, consult a local landscaping professional to explore all the options.

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Benefits of Adding a Retaining Wall

Retaining walls are used to hold soil, whether they create an above ground planter or they secure a hill or sunken space. These hardscapes can be made from wood, rock, brick or pavers, usually used for function, but they can also be a beautiful addition to a landscape design. There are many benefits to using a retaining wall on your property. Here are a few of those benefits.

  • Erosion protection. The main function of retaining walls is to stop erosion. You will see retaining walls used at the bottom of hills and slopes, or tiered up a hill, protecting homes, structures and driveways from mud slides.
  • Additional planting space. Using retaining walls, you can tier a hill for gardens on each level or make a garden above ground on a small patio. It can be a way to make the most of your yard for planting, even if you have hills or limited soil space.
  • Edging. If you have hills or slopes surrounding your property, a small retaining wall can create a distinct edge to your yard or follow the line of your driveway. Retaining walls can also create a sunken patio or fire pit with a secure edge.
  • Artistic touches. Retaining walls are often functional, but they can also add an artistic touch or classic design to your landscaping. Natural stone, brick or uniform pavers can all be used in different ways to enhance your outdoor space.

Retaining walls are mostly used on property with slope or hills, but any landscape design can be improved with these versatile hardscapes. Talk to your local landscaper about the benefits of adding a retaining wall to your landscape design for function or esthetics.

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Outdoor Living Spaces Made Easy

Do you yearn for a beautiful outdoor living space that you could enjoy at your home? Wanting a gorgeous patio or stunning backyard is desirable, but also takes a lot of work. Not everyone has the time or knowhow to create the outdoor living space of their dreams. However, you can achieve your ideal outdoor space with the help of a talented landscaper.

Finding the Right Landscaper for Outdoor Living Spaces

When you think of landscaping, you may envision a lawn service that mows your yard and trims your trees. However, many landscapers offer much more than just the routine maintenance. An experienced landscaping service can help you create your dream outdoor living space and make it easy for you to enjoy.

To find the right landscaper for your needs, you need to research what they offer. Landscapers that offer design and implementation of hardscapes, along with traditional landscaping services can help you build your outdoor space and maintain it. Look for landscapers that offer the following services:

  • Patio installation
  • Retaining walls
  • Outdoor lighting
  • Landscape design
  • Water features and irrigation

Those that offer a wide variety of services can help you plan and create your new outdoor space. You won’t need to deal with several different contractors; instead, you will have one company that can transform your backyard into the ultimate outdoor paradise for you and your family.

A beautiful outdoor living space offers a wonderful oasis for relaxation at your home. It can also add value to your property. Make it easy to enjoy the outdoors at your home by hiring an experienced landscaper that can build you the perfect outdoor space and help you maintain it for many years to come.

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Retaining Walls for Flat Spaces

In most cases, retaining walls are used to secure slopes or hills and make better use of landscaping space. While stopping erosion and maximizing space on properties with uneven ground is a useful attribute of retaining walls, they can also be utilized for flat spaces. Here are a few ideas on how to use retaining walls to spruce up your flat landscaping areas.

Planter Boxes

Retaining walls are excellent for creating planter boxes near your patio or around your yard. Stone or brick retaining walls can be designed in squares, rectangles or circles, either standing alone or connected to other hardscapes.

Sunken Patios

Add depth to your flat space by creating a sunken patio area. This is a perfect spot for a fire pit or fireplace for long nights out in your outdoor living space. Make the most of the area by creating a retaining wall ledge that is chair-height to double as seating for your sunken patio.

Fencing, Edging or Barrier

A retaining wall can be built to create a barrier or fence for your yard. This can be a beautiful addition to your landscaping, especially when made from stone or brick. Use across your front yard, on the edge of driveways or to section spaces in your outdoor living space (a wall between the outdoor kitchen and patio is a good example).

You don’t need a hilly piece of property to find excellent uses for retaining walls in your landscape design. Talk to your local landscaper that offers retaining wall design and installation to come up with ideas to enhance your flat space. You may be surprised how much elegance and beauty your new retaining walls can bring to your landscaping.

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