6 Types of Outdoor Light Effects

Outdoor lighting can be practical, helping you light your walkways and deter intruders from approaching your home. It can also illuminate the beauty of your home and landscaping during the night hours, adding 24-hour curb appeal. Here are six types of outdoor lighting effects that can help make your home safe and beautiful after the sun goes down.

  1. Moonlighting. Create the same effect as moonlight flowing through the tree branches with moonlighting. This uses lights placed in tree branches to shine down on your yard.
  2. Spreadlighting. Adding spreadlights in low-to-the-ground garden areas can beautifully illuminate these smaller plants that normally get lost in the dark.
  3. Stair and deck lighting. Brighten your decks, porches and steps with lighting that is placed on risers and between vertical railings.
  4. Shadow/silhouette lighting. Create stunning shadows from statues or single trees with a direct light placed in front of the silhouette to cast a shadow on a wall or fence.
  5. Uplighting. Highlight specific focal points with lights in or on the ground pouring light up on the item, creating a dramatic effect.
  6. Spotlighting. Adding spotlighting from a high point to flood light down on patios, pool areas or gardens can add beauty and improve safety around your home.

Knowing how to use outdoor lighting to create an artistic effect is harder than it looks. It takes the right light placed at the perfect angle and height to create these incredible lighting effects. To do more than add a basic flood light to your outdoor space, hire a landscaping team to create an outdoor lighting design for your home. With the right light effects, you can add a stylish beauty to your home at night while improving safety and security.

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Light Up the Dark Nights

When the sun goes down, do your yards go dark? Even with a few lights on your patio or front porch, you can still be left in darkness without proper outdoor lighting. If the corners of your yard are shadows, walkways are dim, and your landscaping is hidden until dawn, it may be time to invest in a comprehensive outdoor lighting system.

Benefits of Adding More Outdoor Lighting

Often outdoor lighting is dismissed as too much work or expense without enough benefits. However, you may be surprised how much you will appreciate the option to light up the night once you add more outdoor lighting. Some of the benefits include:

  • Safety. Illuminating walkways, patios, pool decks and entrance points keeps those walking outside your home safer. There is less chance of a guest stumbling on a dog or child’s toy left on the sidewalk if they can clearly see the path.
  • Security. Intruders love the dark and are attracted to homes with poor outdoor lighting. Make your home uninviting to burglars and other criminals who could invade your home with adequate lighting around the perimeter.
  • Aesthetics. There are many creative ways to use your outdoor lighting for improved aesthetics. Plus, you have a chance to enjoy your beautiful landscaping, trees and other outdoor areas 24-hours a day.
  • Entertainment. Keep the party going late into the night with lighting for patios and pool areas.

Adding outdoor lighting is easy when you have a talented landscaper. They can help you choose the best lighting for safety, security, aesthetics and entertaining, and professionally install it for you. Ask about smart options to tie your outdoor lighting in with your home automation to make it simple to manage.

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Security Outdoor Lighting Without the Spotlight

One of the many benefits of adding outdoor lighting to your property is added security. Dark yards can be inviting to intruders and give them the cloak of darkness to enter your property and home. Outdoor lighting deters intruders and can minimize the risk of break-ins and other criminal activities, but bright lights can be annoying for homeowners. There are ways to improve your security with outdoor lighting without the problems of bright lights.

Options for Security Outdoor Lighting

The most common security lights are motion-detected spotlights that shine a bright light on anything moving in your yard. While effective, these spotlights can wake you up in the middle of the night for the smallest furry intruder or moving branch. There are other options that can still light up the dark corners of your yard without blasting light that can be distracting.

  • Lamp or decorative lights added on the top of fence posts
  • Under-the-eve lights on your home
  • Sunken lights the emit a glow around walkways
  • Tree lights

These lights can create a glow around your home and property without the aggravating bright light that many security lights can create. When done correctly, outdoor lighting can look beautiful without creating the blinding spotlight that is often used for security purposes. The trick is to find the right combination of lights to dissipate the darkness without creating too much brightness to cause annoyance.

If you want to find the right balance for your outdoor lighting to improve security and safety around your home while still adding aesthetic benefits, talk to your local landscaper. There are many options to create the perfect combination of lighting techniques to give you the results you desire.

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How Important Is Landscape Lighting?

Your landscaping enhances the beauty of your home and property, but without proper lighting, those enhancements can only be seen by the light of day. Landscape lighting helps ensure that your property looks beautiful 24-hours a day, spotlighting focal points. However, it is not just showing off your landscaping that makes outdoor lighting important. Here are some benefits of adding outdoor lighting to your front and backyard areas.

  • Safety. Adding lighting near pathways, sidewalks and entrances helps improve safety for your family and guests. This can prevent injury at night by providing well-lit areas to walk to and from your home. It is also very important to have lighting around pools and ponds for safety at night.
  • Security. Keeping your yards illuminated can deter intruders. Dark backyards or around garages make your home tempting to burglars that want a discreet entrance to your home at night. Motion lights in dark corners and near entrances on your home can help you and others see anyone approaching and act as a deterrent.
  • Beauty. Strategic lighting placed at the base of trees or spotlighting focus points like waterfalls or ponds can showcase your landscaping at night. Your yards will look stunning day and night with the right lighting to highlight your focal areas.
  • Entertaining. If evening entertaining is a favorite pastime, outdoor lighting is essential for your patio or pool area. Make sure you and your guests can enjoy many nights outside with lighting for your outdoor living spaces.

Make sure your landscaping can be enjoyed day and night while providing safety and security for your home. Talk to your local landscaper about the different outdoor lighting options for aesthetic and practical purposes that can be added to your outdoor areas.

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Landscape Lighting: Halogen vs. LED

f you need to add lighting to your landscaping, you may be wondering whether LED or halogen lights would be best for your needs. While both can offer you excellent lighting to highlight landscape focal points or add safety for paths and outdoor living areas, there are differences. Here is a quick comparison between the two different types of lighting to help you choose the best option for your needs.

Halogen Lighting

Halogen lighting offers a bright light for your outdoor areas. They also are one of the cheaper bulbs to buy, making the initial investment low. However, halogen lights do not last as long as other options like LED. They will need to be replaced more often, with most bulbs lasting 2000-5000 hours. This means you will need to change them almost 10 times compared to one LED bulb.

LED Lighting

LED lighting can be a great option if you use your outdoor spaces often at night or want lighting for nightly aesthetic appeal or security. LED lightbulbs can last up to 50,000 hours, giving them many years of life. This saves you time changing them since they can last 10-20 times as long as halogen bulbs. The downside of LED is the initial investment. These bulbs are more expensive; if you are adding many lights throughout your property, it can become a large investment.

You may be able to combine both halogen lights and LED. Use LED for lights that will be used almost every night and you want to last. Halogen lighting may be more cost effective for multiple lights that are only used occasionally. Talk to your landscaper to discuss the options and your budget before you decide which is best for you.

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