Considerations When Planning Your Irrigation System

To keep your lawn, gardens and other plants in your yard healthy, irrigation can be necessary. The hot, dry summer months can be hard on your landscaping, requiring added irrigation to maintain a beautiful yard. Irrigation is more complex than just putting a few sprinklers in your yard. You need to consider several aspects to create an efficient and effective irrigation system.

Shade and Direct Sunshine

The areas in your yard that are shaded may not lose moisture as quickly as areas with direct sun. It is also important to consider what areas get morning sunshine versus the hot afternoon sun. Your shaded and morning sunshine spots may not need as much irrigation.

Slopes and Drainage

Water runs downhill, even when the soil is dry and needing irrigation. Planning of your irrigation system should take into consideration the slopes in your yard and areas where water can pool.

Watering Near Hardscapes

If you have a deck, patio, pool, retaining walls or other hardscapes, you need to consider how irrigation can impact these structures. You may want to avoid irrigation overlapping certain hardscapes to prevent damage, settling or other problems.

Types of Plant Life

Different plants require various watering schedules. There are some plants and trees that do not need constant watering, while others need moist soil to survive. It is vital not to over or under-saturate the soil to protect the grass, plants and trees in your landscaping.

When adding a new irrigation system, it helps to have a professional landscaper as your installer. They can carefully plan your irrigation system to best suit your landscaping needs, creating an efficient and effective watering system.

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The Difference Between Landscapers and Landscape Designers

When you look up landscapers for your area, you will most likely find pages of options. However, there are landscaping companies and landscape designers, with a big difference between the two. Before you begin searching for someone to help you with your landscaping, you should know what type of landscaper you need. Here are the main differences between landscape designers and basic landscapers.


Anyone who mows lawns can call themselves a landscaper. Lawn maintenance is the basic service that landscapers offer. This includes mowing, edging, seeding, fertilizer and caring for your lawn. Most landscapers also do some planting, weeding, pruning and other yard care. This is considered “soft-scaping” which involves plants and soil, not building hardscapes from rock, brick or other supplies.

Landscape Designers

Landscape designers offer more services than basic landscapers. While they may offer lawn and yard maintenance as one of their services, they also can build and design new landscapes. This often includes hardscapes such as retaining walls, fences, patios, fire pits and water features. Plus, more than just builders, the talent is in their design capacity. Like an interior designer, they coordinate the placement of different elements to create a style for your landscape, not just random features and plants.

If all you need is someone to mow your lawn, almost any landscaper can do the job. However, if you are planning to renovate or upgrade your landscaping, you want a landscape designer that can help you create a yard and outdoor space that fits your style and tastes. Make sure to find an experienced landscape design company with great testimonials and references for your landscaping needs.

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3 Great Reasons To Hire A Professional Landscaper

Not everyone has a green thumb or enjoys doing yard work. If cultivating a beautiful yard has become a dreaded chore instead of an enjoyable leisure activity, maybe it is time to consider hiring a professional landscaper to handle your lawn care and landscaping. Having a lush, green lawn and sculptured landscaping can add valuable curb appeal to your home, making it worth the investment to have it done right. Here are three great reasons to hire a landscaper this year.

  1. Expertise. A professional landscaper has the expertise to get the most out of your property. They can choose the best grasses and plants for your soil and climate that will make it look its best. Let an expert turn your yard into the envy of the neighborhood while you relax!
  2. Equipment. Stop spending more on expensive lawn tools and equipment. Your landscaper should have the best tools for the job, saving you the expense of buying and maintaining mowers, weed-whackers and other equipment. When you consider how much money you spend each year on this equipment and other yard work essentials, it makes sense just to hire a landscaper.
  3. Time is a commodity. You deserve to enjoy your free time doing what you enjoy. Leave the yard work to the professionals and use that time to pursue your hobbies, go on family outings or just relax in your own home.

Having a beautiful yard comes with a price, either your hard earned time or a by hiring professional. Is this the year where you leave your yard in the hands of a professional and enjoy your summer do what you truly enjoy?

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Landscaping for Outdoor Living

Your lawn and garden is more than a tool for boosting curb appeal; it can actually be an extension of your living space. With the right plan in place and a bit of attention, you can transform your property into an outdoor living space with comfort and beauty to rival that of your favorite room in the house.

Create a Beautiful Retreat

There are some days when the weather is simply too gorgeous to stay indoors, and those are the days when you’ll be grateful for the attention you’ve lavished on your outdoor living spaces. Patios, pool areas and gardens can all become something quite extraordinary when you work with a landscaping professional to create a landscape design centered around the creation of an outdoor living space.

Lush plant life creates more than a visually interesting backdrop. Well-placed shrubbery, trees and bushes can also act as a natural barrier, providing protection from noise pollution and an added level of privacy. With the integration of hardscapes like water features, walkways and outdoor structures, you can turn your property into a peaceful retreat.

Pleasing the Senses

A great outdoor living space landscaping design will not only be pleasing to the eye, but to the other four senses as well. Add fragrant plants to bring a sweet smell to your outdoor space. A lush carpet of grass begs to be touched with bare feet. The relaxing sound of running water from fountains and man-made streams creates a spa-like atmosphere. Include fruiting plants to your ornamental garden for a taste sensation, and your outdoor living space becomes a feast for the senses.

Contact a reputable landscaping professional in your area to determine how to best transform your property into an outdoor living oasis.

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