Basic Dimensions for Your Outdoor Projects

Dimensions are the basic numbers you need before starting any major outdoor project. Whether you are designing a driveway, sidewalk, retaining wall or pond, you need to know the correct dimensions to begin buying materials and outlining your installation. Here are some basic dimensions to help you with some common outdoor projects to ensure you get started on the right foot.

Driveways and Entry Gates

How wide should your driveway be and how much space do you need for an entry gate? It may depend on your needs. Here are some of the typical widths for driveways and entry gates:

  • Single car driveways should be about 9-12 feet wide
  • Double car driveways should be about 20-24 feet wide
  • Entry gates should be at least 32 feet wide
  • Parking stalls should be 10’ x 20’

Retaining Walls

If you are building a retaining wall to secure a hillside, standard size is usually 3-4 feet in height. This can include about 6” of paver or rock for the front façade and about 12” of compacted backfill in between the façade and native soil.


You want to make sure garden or koi ponds are deep enough to prevent freezing and can sustain fish. Most will need to be at least 3 feet deep to accomplish these goals.


When building walkways, you want to ensure they are wide enough to comfortably accommodate foot traffic. Walkways should always be at least 18” wide, with 24-30” as a standard width for a single person, 36-48” for flagstone or double-wide paths.

Knowing the right dimensions is important to ensure your project is functional. Your local landscaper can help you determine the best sizes for your needs if you need to go larger than the standard dimensions.

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Building Beautiful Walkways for Your Home

Do you have an old cracked concrete sidewalks or a un-level paving stones for walkways to your home? Not only do old, deteriorating walkways look shabby, they can be a hazard and result in injuries. Why not replace your sidewalk or paths with stunning stone walkways for your home? Natural stone is a perfect material for walkways, adding beauty and value to your property.

Why use natural stone for your walkway? First and foremost, natural stone is one of the most durable options available for paving. Stones can last for decades – they are already hundreds, if not thousands, of years old. Secondly, natural stone is simple to maintain. And finally, there are few materials that add more aesthetic value to a home than natural stone, making it a fantastic choice for walkways, one of the first features visitors see when coming to your home.

Natural Stone Options for Walkways

When it comes to natural paving stones for walkways, you have many options that are available. Some of the stones to consider include:

  • Travertine
  • Marble
  • Bluestone
  • Granite
  • Sandstone
  • Flagstone

These stones come in a wide variety of colors, shapes and textures to match your style and tastes. Some are pre-formed or cut into uniform shapes; others like flagstone can be purchased in natural shapes. Whether you want a country or classic look or a more modern style, there is a natural stone option that is perfect for your new walkways.

Upgrade your walkways with natural stone and see the difference it makes for the aesthetics and safety of your home. Contact your local hardscape landscaper to get started on your natural stone walkway project.

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Increasing Curb Appeal With Pavers

If you’re planning to list your home or simply considering an outdoor remodeling project to boost curb appeal and resale value in the future, you know how important landscaping is to the overall appearance of your home. What you may not realize is that springing for interlocking, permeable pavers can also have a dramatic impact on your curb appeal. When you opt for pavers over poured concrete or asphalt, you’ll be able to prevent cracking, crumbling and other unsightly disrepair.

Few things make the exterior of a home look as weathered as cracked concrete driveways and shabby sidewalks. Even if the rest of your home’s exterior is in beautiful condition, a weathered driveway and damaged paving surfaces can reduce its visual impact. Poured concrete and asphalt will start to crack and crumble over time, as the soil underneath shifts naturally. Interlocking pavers are designed to prevent cracking, and individual pavers can be replaced if dramatic heaving occurs. Upgrading your surfaces to include interlocking pavers eliminates the risk of your surfaces degrading over time due to soil erosion and shifting.

Resurfacing your driveway and sidewalk with interlocking pavers elevates the appearance of your landscaping design and property. Because paver driveways and walkays are so durable, they’re also a long-lasting solution. Instead of patching cracked pathways and driveways, you can simply enjoy your patios and paths for years to come.

Working with a professional paving contractor to rework your paved areas with interlocking pavers makes a very real impact on the overall visual appeal of your property. Contact a paving professional in your area today to discuss methods of boosting your home’s curb appeal with permeable paver surfaces.

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Install Pavers for Your Front Walk

Many people hesitate to install pavers because the initial cost could be higher than over alternatives. However, the advantages are many and should be weighed against that cost over the long term. Pavers today come with great design flexibility; their many shapes and colors allow for creativity in design patterns and visual appeal. Their beauty adds value and flexibility in blending effectively with other landscaping features.

Some handy homeowners may be able to save on costs by doing their own installation, if the project is small and relatively simple. Pavers can often be purchased from home supply stores on sale or in bulk. Concrete pavers are less expensive than those made of clay, granite or sandstone. However, due to their strength, weather resistance and durability, as well as maintenance and replacement costs, pavers are a good long-term investment as well as an economical alternative to other types of pavement.

Stronger than poured concrete and more durable than asphalt, factory made pavers can last for decades. They are unaffected by temperature extremes of heat and cold. Pavers are low maintenance, easily removed and replaced. They are easily cleaned and can also be sealed. Furthermore, pavers provide excellent drainage. Pavers can be plowed or shoveled and will not be harmed by de-icing products. Electric snow melt systems can be installed under the pavers to eliminate the need for snow removal. Pavers have a non-skid surface, reducing the potential hazards of slipping.

Whatever your ideas for enhancing or completing your landscaping design with an additional paver walkway, contact your local landscaping professional who will incorporate and professionally blend all of your ideas and features into a walking path that will serve you well for generations.

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