Security Outdoor Lighting Without the Spotlight

One of the many benefits of adding outdoor lighting to your property is added security. Dark yards can be inviting to intruders and give them the cloak of darkness to enter your property and home. Outdoor lighting deters intruders and can minimize the risk of break-ins and other criminal activities, but bright lights can be annoying for homeowners. There are ways to improve your security with outdoor lighting without the problems of bright lights.

Options for Security Outdoor Lighting

The most common security lights are motion-detected spotlights that shine a bright light on anything moving in your yard. While effective, these spotlights can wake you up in the middle of the night for the smallest furry intruder or moving branch. There are other options that can still light up the dark corners of your yard without blasting light that can be distracting.

  • Lamp or decorative lights added on the top of fence posts
  • Under-the-eve lights on your home
  • Sunken lights the emit a glow around walkways
  • Tree lights

These lights can create a glow around your home and property without the aggravating bright light that many security lights can create. When done correctly, outdoor lighting can look beautiful without creating the blinding spotlight that is often used for security purposes. The trick is to find the right combination of lights to dissipate the darkness without creating too much brightness to cause annoyance.

If you want to find the right balance for your outdoor lighting to improve security and safety around your home while still adding aesthetic benefits, talk to your local landscaper. There are many options to create the perfect combination of lighting techniques to give you the results you desire.

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Landscaping Basics: DIY or Hire a Professional?

If you are trying to improve your outdoor space with landscaping, you may be ready to attempt to try your hand at planting and designing your yard on your own. While there are many DIY projects that can be enjoyable around your yard, there are some tasks that are best left to a professional. Here are some basics on what newcomers to landscaping can attempt on their own and what should probably be left to a professional landscaper.

Do-It-Yourself Landscaping

Many people enjoy spending time gardening and maintaining their yards. If you like spending time outside and have a green thumb, there is plenty you can do yourself when it comes to landscaping, such as:

  • Mowing and edging your yard
  • Planting flower or vegetable gardens
  • Weeding, seeding, fertilizing and watering
  • Trimming and pruning shrubs and bushes

Professional Landscaping Projects

While some people may want to attempt larger landscaping projects to save some money, it doesn’t always go well. Many DIY ponds, sod laying and other projects end up being a waste of time and money when they don’t work out as planned. Here are a few projects you may want to leave to a professional landscaper:

  • Retaining walls
  • Sod installation
  • Outdoor lighting
  • Irrigation
  • Tree pruning/removing limbs

You can make your yard look beautiful and add the features you desire even if you are new to landscaping. Start doing some small projects on your own and partner with a local landscaper for the bigger projects on your landscaping agenda. Or, just hire a landscaper to completely transform your yard and sit back and enjoy the results without lifting a finger.

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Bring a Glow to Your Landscaping

If you have a beautifully landscaped yard, shouldn’t you enjoy it around the clock? There is no reason your stunning trees or water features need to stay hidden at night when you can make them glow with outdoor lighting. A few strategic placements of lights throughout your front or backyards can ensure that your landscaping is enjoyed all day and all night.

Adding outdoor lighting is not just about illumination, but also about creating a different effect for your landscaping at night. Using lights and shadows, you can transform your yard into a different place when the sun goes down. You can still enjoy your features, but they will have a different look when the right outdoor lighting is used. Some ideas include:

  • Hide spotlights and flood lights in your planted areas. The beam of light can seem to come out of your gardens for a transcendent look.
  • Combine up-lighting and down-lighting along with other levels of illumination to create a balanced atmosphere in your outdoor space.
  • Use spotlights to up-light trees or features in your landscaping, creating a dramatic effect with light and shadows.
  • Use moonlighting or blue filters to create a natural effect of light – your yard will look like it is bathed in moonlight instead of artificial light.

Adding outdoor lighting that enhances the beauty of your landscaping is harder than it may seem. While any outdoor lighting can give you visibility, it takes artistry to use the lighting to transform your yard into an evening paradise. Talk to your local landscaper to discuss the best ways to use outdoor lighting with your landscape design to get the best results.

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How to Incorporate Lighting into Your Landscape Design

Outdoor lighting offers two main elements to your landscaping: safety and ambience. Outdoor lights make it safe to navigate your front walkway in the middle of the night, but they can also illuminate your waterfall or giant front yard tree. If you are looking to add outdoor lighting to your landscape design, here are some ideas to help add the safety and ambience you desire.

Soft or Direct

Outdoor lighting does not need to be a flood of light. While you may want brighter lights for safety near walk areas, or to deter intruders in dark, back corners, soft light can create a more relaxing atmosphere. You can add lights under shrubs or use smoked glass in a lamp post for softer lighting that adds ambience.

Highlight Focus Points

One of the benefits of adding outdoor lighting is to enjoy your landscaping in a new way. Using spotlights that illuminate the trunk of a tree, casting light and shadows from the branches above, can be magical in the dark. Use light to create shine on a waterfall or show off a hardscape, helping you enjoy your landscaping focal points all day and night.

Mood Lighting

Using different colors in your lighting can help alter the mood of your outdoor space. Try blue lighting in corners away from the main space, offering a romantic spot for a bench or loveseat.

To make the most of your landscaping for night entertaining, talk to your local landscaper about adding some different outdoor lighting dimensions. There are many different options to create the right ambience, while adding safety and security to your outdoor spaces.

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5 Places to Add Outdoor Lighting

Outdoor lighting can change the appearance of your outdoor areas, as well as provide safety and security for your home. Many people avoid adding lighting outdoors due to concerns about wiring and placement, which is why hiring a professional landscaper is the best option. Your landscaper can install your lighting for you and make it simple to improve your outdoor areas. Here are five places to consider adding outdoor lighting.

Focal Features

Upward or downward lighting on focal features can enhance your landscaping design in the twilight and evening hours. Consider adding wash or bullet lights to show off waterfalls, fountains, statues and other focal features in your yard.


Add small lights to illuminate pathways for safety for your family and guests. Well lights work great for the edges of pathways or small garden lights.

Dark Corners

Do you have dark corners in your backyard where intruders could enter your property? Adding motion flood lights can improve security and deter people and animals from invading your space.

Uplighting Trees

Pointing uplighting on the trunk of your significant trees with bullet lights can create a stunning look for your yards. Make sure to start the point of light on the trunk, aiming up, for the best effect.


Placing lights at intervals throughout your gardens can show off your flowers and plants 24/7. However, strive to place lights farther apart; the goal is not complete illumination, but highlighting the gardens in segments.

A few strategically placed outdoor lights can have a dramatic impact on the beauty of your home.

Your local landscaper can help you find the best way to showcase your yard with outdoor lighting, while providing more security and safety for your family.

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Light Up the Dark Winter Nights

As the days grow shorter in the winter, the need for outdoor lighting around your home increases. While outdoor lighting is pleasant for warm summer evenings on the back patio, it is a necessity when the daylight disappears for so many hours each day. Here are some ideas to add outdoor lighting that is both beautiful and practical around your home and yard.

  • For safety, it is important to have all walkways well-lit around your home, both out front and in your backyard area. Not only do you want to protect your family and guests, you also want to avoid expensive injuries that can raise your homeowner’s insurance premiums if a claim is made.
  • Motion lights. Longer nights can beckon to intruders. Install motion lights in the dark corners of your backyard or side entrances of your home. A bright flood light can be an excellent deterrent to intruders looking to invade your home for loot.
  • Spruce up your landscaping. Give your yard a beautiful makeover for the long nights ahead. Add up-lighting for your trees, small spotlights to highlight hardscapes and use colored lights for a dramatic effect.
  • Use timers or home automation options. Utilize the latest technology to turn your lights on when the sun goes down, even when you are not home. Ask your landscaper about automation options to ensure your lights turn on and off without the need for you to manually monitor their use.

There is no reason to be in the dark just because the nights are longer. Talk to your local landscaper about adding new outdoor lighting to your home for security, safety and beauty all year round.

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Keep Your Home Safe with Outdoor Lighting

Dark pathways, porches and patios can all be a hazard at your home. Whether you are taking out the garbage and trip over an errant toy or an intruder is hiding in the shadows, a dark outdoor area can be dangerous. Outdoor lighting can help keep your home safe and secure, especially when the days become shorter and the nights become longer during the winter.

Five Places to Add Outdoor Lighting

When adding outdoor lights to your home, you need to consider several different areas. Having one light near the front door is not enough. Consider adding outdoor lights to these five places:

  1. Walkways. Add ground lighting on both sides of your sidewalks or walkways to illuminate the path to your home for family, friends and guests.
  2. Driveway. Make sure your driveway has a light – a motion detection light is perfect for your driveway, coming on whenever anyone drives up to your home.
  3. Backyard. Another place for a motion detection light is in the backyard. This can alert you if anyone tries to enter your property from the back and help scare away any potential intruders.
  4. Patio and pool. Patios and pools are not just for the daytime. Keep your outdoor area open after the sun goes down with patio and pool lights.
  5. Porch or front entrance. Of course, the front porch or entrance should have proper lighting to invite your guests into your home.

Before the days start getting shorter, contact your local landscaper to discuss adding some new lights to your outdoor area for safety and security. If is a wise investment to keep your home and family safe.

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Landscape Lighting for Beauty, Fun, and Safety

Landscape lighting can be used to highlight natural and man-made features in your yard to add to the natural beauty of your yard.

There are literally thousands of designs, shapes, and wattage for outdoor lighting. Now it’s even possible to tie all your outdoor lighting into a Solar Photovoltaic (PV) Panel system with battery storage & backup to provide the electricity to power these landscape lighting, but that is an entire article by itself. Let’s just suffice it to say, the prices are coming down and it will pay for itself after a period of time.


Landscape lighting can enhance the beauty of your favorite features with illumination after dark. Consider that big oak tree that provides shade in the daytime and holds that rope swing you added for the children when they were still young, or the heart arch fountain that you built for your wife on your anniversary. Such beautiful pieces of work should not be diminished by darkness, but should act as a showcase of your love for your family.

You’ve probably already considered how lining the walkways with LED lighting will enhance the beauty of those perennials your wife fusses over every day throughout the spring and summer, even though they’re basically weeds that will grow on their own without any care whatsoever.


What could be more fun than a well-lit tennis court/basketball court that you and the family have spent many hours not only constructing but playing on since you finally finished it. Many evenings the only noise in the backyard is the screech of tennis shoes and the pong of the ball off the court. Tennis is just so much more fun in the cool of the evening.

But, you have to admit some of the most peaceful evenings have been spent in that hammock, listening to the water trickle down that heart-shaped arch. It’s truly relaxing to watch the light’s reflection sparkle in the fountain’s pool, laid out below the arch.

Entertaining after dark in your well-lit backyard doesn’t miss a beat when darkness descends. The conversations and laughter continues as long as everyone has the energy to keep it going.


Safety is achieved as much as possible through a well-lit environment. There is less chance of slips, trips, and falls in your yard due to the landscape lighting. A well-lit yard may not keep away every intruder, but it is much more likely they will choose an easier target in a darker neighborhood.

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Add Safety and Security to Your Home with Outdoor Lighting

As the days get shorter and winter approaches, it is more important than ever to have adequate outdoor lighting at your home. At points during the winter it is dark more than it is light, making it necessary to add artificial illumination. While some lighting is used for ambiance and aesthetics, offering a warm glow, lighting for safety and security should have function as a top priority. Here are some tips for adding outdoor lights to improve your safety and security at home.

  • Light walk areas. Anywhere you need to walk should have lighting available. This includes walkways to both your front and back door, as well as to outdoor entertainment areas. Use motion detected lights for areas that are rarely used.
  • Security lights for vulnerable areas. To keep intruders at bay, set up motion-detected security lights at areas where someone could otherwise slip onto your property undetected in the dark.
  • Add remote access. Many advanced lighting systems now can be controlled through Wi-Fi, making it even easier to turn on or off your outdoor lighting as needed. This can allow you to override your timed lighting from wherever you are if needed, right from your smartphone or computer.
  • Bulbs. When installing lighting, consider that your bulbs will need to be changed. When possible, have lights installed where it is easy to access the bulbs. Also use long-life, energy-efficient bulbs for convenience and to save on energy costs.

To get your home ready for the long nights ahead, call your local landscaping contractor that offers outdoor lighting installation. They can help create a safe and secure system to light up the night for you and your family.

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Benefits of Adding Outdoor Lighting

While almost everyone has some type of outdoor lighting at their homes, often it is just a small light by a doorway. There are many ways that outdoor lighting can improve the quality of your home, from adding aesthetic value to creating a safe, secure environment. Consider how adding more outdoor lighting can benefit your home and family.


One of the main reasons you need outdoor lighting is safety. If you are outside at night, you need a lighted path to find your way around. Pathway lights that show the way to the front and back doors, along with patio and porch lights, all are great ways to improve safety with proper outdoor lighting.


Not only does outdoor lighting help you see where you are going at night, it helps you see anyone who is trying to come onto your property uninvited. Well-lit homes are less likely to be targets of burglars that often use the cover of night to do their criminal activities. Motion-detected flood lights are a good way to scare off would-be thieves.


Outdoor lighting can be functional, but it can also be beautiful. Spot lights can be used to highlight water features such as waterfalls or ponds so that they can be enjoyed at night as well as in the day. There are many outdoor lighting options that can be artistically added to your landscape and patio design to increase the beauty of your outdoor living area.

For more ideas on how to best incorporate outdoor lighting around your home, consult a landscape designer that specializes in outdoor lighting. They can offer suggestions based on the safety, security and aesthetic needs for your home.

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