6 Types of Outdoor Light Effects

Outdoor lighting can be practical, helping you light your walkways and deter intruders from approaching your home. It can also illuminate the beauty of your home and landscaping during the night hours, adding 24-hour curb appeal. Here are six types of outdoor lighting effects that can help make your home safe and beautiful after the sun goes down.

  1. Moonlighting. Create the same effect as moonlight flowing through the tree branches with moonlighting. This uses lights placed in tree branches to shine down on your yard.
  2. Spreadlighting. Adding spreadlights in low-to-the-ground garden areas can beautifully illuminate these smaller plants that normally get lost in the dark.
  3. Stair and deck lighting. Brighten your decks, porches and steps with lighting that is placed on risers and between vertical railings.
  4. Shadow/silhouette lighting. Create stunning shadows from statues or single trees with a direct light placed in front of the silhouette to cast a shadow on a wall or fence.
  5. Uplighting. Highlight specific focal points with lights in or on the ground pouring light up on the item, creating a dramatic effect.
  6. Spotlighting. Adding spotlighting from a high point to flood light down on patios, pool areas or gardens can add beauty and improve safety around your home.

Knowing how to use outdoor lighting to create an artistic effect is harder than it looks. It takes the right light placed at the perfect angle and height to create these incredible lighting effects. To do more than add a basic flood light to your outdoor space, hire a landscaping team to create an outdoor lighting design for your home. With the right light effects, you can add a stylish beauty to your home at night while improving safety and security.

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Longer Nights Require More Yard Lighting

Although the days are still long and sunny, the nights are slowly becoming longer. Now is an excellent time to consider adding more lighting to your yard for the darker months ahead. Lighting offers beauty for those late nights entertaining outside at your home, along with added safety. There are several options to choose from when considering lighting for your outdoor areas, including path, flood, accent and specialty lights which can be electric or solar in design. 

Path Lights

For both the front and back yards, path lights offer a soft light which provide greater visibility to paths and sidewalks during the night hours. There are several solar options which require no wiring, or electrical fixtures which can be wired or plugged into your home. 

Accent Lights

While offering light, accent or up lights are used more for effect than safety or security. These are excellent for highlighting certain focal points, like garden areas or water features. They can be pointed to shine on these features, providing a dramatic enhancement for nighttime entertaining. 

Flood Lights

More for safety and security than aesthetics, flood lights brighten your outdoor areas to give you and your family safe passage. Most flood lights can be used with timers to turn on at dusk, or used with motion or light detection to keep intruders at bay. 

Specialty Lights

For pure design, there are many types of specialty outdoor lighting which can create light while adding beauty. Torch lights, overhead string lights and many other varieties can create a wonderful outdoor ambiance. 

Before adding any lighting, discuss the many options with your local landscaper. They can offer ideas and solutions for all your outdoor lighting needs, to illuminate the dark winter nights ahead.

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