Patios Vs Decks: Which is Right for Your Home?

Every home should have a patio or deck for an enjoyable outdoor living space. If you are creating a new backyard, you need to decide whether a patio or deck is best your needs. Both offer pros and cons – the right choice comes down to your preferences. Here are the basics on both patios and decks to help you decide which is right for your home and family.

Patio: Pros and Cons

Patios can be designed with a variety of materials to match your home and style. Natural stone like flagstone or travertine is popular, but less expensive options like concrete and pavers can be used. In many cases, a patio can be less expensive per square foot than a wooden deck and is easier to maintain. The cons of a patio versus a deck is that it is on ground level and they are difficult to build on a hillside.

Decks: Pros and Cons

Decks are typically made from wood, which can be beautiful and match your style. One benefits of decks is that they can be built over any terrain, even on a hillside. You are elevated above the yard, so it can be used all year round. If you have a multi-level home, decks can be built off all levels for great views.

The cons of decks come down to maintenance, cost and longevity. Wood can be expensive and it does require constant treatment and maintenance over the years. Wood decks can last for decades if maintained, but they are prone to rot and termite infestations.

Still not sure which is right for your home or budget? Contact a landscaping company that offers deck and patio installation to learn more about cost and options.

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5 Benefits of Lawn Grading

The grade of your lawn can have a big impact on your property. The wrong grade or uneven lawns can cause problems and impact your landscaping, home and property value. Lawn grading can correct issues with your lawns surface, protecting your investment in your home and property. Here are five benefits that can be gained by lawn grading.

1. Simple Solution to a Drainage Problem

A flat or uneven lawn can cause drainage issues. If you have pooling in your yard or a leaking basement, a simple solution may be lawn grading. This can help improve drainage, allowing water to flow away from your home.

2. Better Views

If you are on a hillside with a nice view, the wrong grade can limit what you can see from your yard or patio. Grading can help improve the visibility.

3. Improved Lawn Growth

Uneven lawns can cause water pooling or drain-off that impacts grass growth. Leveling the soil can help with irrigation and drainage issues to improve the health of your lawn.

4. Increase the Size of Your Yard

If you want to expand your yard, lawn grading can flatten areas edging your yard. This can give you more space for outdoor activities and can increase the value of your home.

5. Add a Pool, Driveway or Patio

If you are considering adding a new paved area or pool, lawn grading can prepare your yard for the new addition.

A smooth, even grade can help improve your yard and property. If you have an uneven yard or want to improve the grade for drainage, landscaping or new structures, contact a landscaping company that offers lawn grading services.

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5 Reasons a New Patio Adds Value to Your Home

Is your home lacking a patio or is the one you have too small or in disrepair? A new patio can be a valuable addition to your home for many reasons. Here are five ways a new patio can add value to your home and make it more enjoyable for your family.

  1. Outdoor living space. Patios give you more room for relaxing and entertaining at your home. With a spacious patio, you add another “room” to your home as an outdoor living space for meals, parties and family time.
  2. Beauty. Choose natural stone or bricks to create a gorgeous hardscape for your yard. There are so many options in design to give your outdoor space a more elegant appearance.
  3. Cooking and dining options. If you love to grill or just eat outdoors during the beautiful weather, a patio gives you a perfect place for an outdoor dinging area or kitchen for your alfresco meals.
  4. Less dirt and mess. A patio right outside your back door keeps dirt and grass from being constantly tracked into your home by kids and pets, reducing the mess and cleaning needed.
  5. A desirable asset. If you decide to sell your home down the road, a beautiful patio can be a desirable asset. Most people prefer houses that have a usable outdoor space and it can make your home more attractive to potential buyers.

Don’t think of a new patio as an expense but as an investment into your home. The value it can add is well worth the cost, creating a more enjoyable and beautiful home. Talk to your local landscaper that offers patio installation to discuss the different options available to update your outdoor space this year.

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Choosing Your New Patio Material

You have decided it is time to renovate your patio. You want a larger outdoor space to enjoy time with friends and family. Now you need to decide what material you want to use to create your new patio. Budget, aesthetics and maintenance can all come into play while you make this decision. Here are three of the popular options for patios to help you determine which is best for your needs.


An affordable option for creating a new patio is concrete. If budget is a concern, concrete can allow for a larger patio area for less money. There are new options for concrete to improve the aesthetics of your patio. Stamped concrete can create the look of pavers without the expense.


Want a classic look for your patio? Brick is classic and elegant, a beautiful way to pave your outdoor area. Combine your brick patio with an outdoor fireplace for late night entertainment.  Brick is easy to maintain and is durable. One benefit is that if your brick patio needs repair, the individual bricks can be replaced for inexpensive repairs.

Natural Stone

For natural beauty, nothing beats stone for paving a patio. Flagstone is one option that is commonly used to pave patios and other outdoor areas. Natural stone can last a lifetime, making it an excellent investment. In addition, natural stone is considered an upscale option that adds value to any home.

A new patio can increase the living area at your home and give you a beautiful place for entertaining outside. Talk to your local landscaper that offers patio construction to explore all the options available.

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What to Include in Your Party Patio

Whatever the composition of your patio, a wood deck, natural stone, such as flagstone, fieldstone, or limestone, or a mix, it can be an introduction to your backyard, or your entire backyard depending on the space available.

A Hot Tub Is a Great Addition to Any Party Patio

Your guest will love to sit and chat in your hot tub. A hot tub is almost a necessity on a party patio! Your best design ideas will include intimacy and a setting that will provide shade, if that is your desire or an open setting that will give your guests access to the sun, with an all-weather rug and lounge chairs to stretch out and catch some raise from the sun.

You may want a six-seater fiberglass hot tub with jet massage or a more natural setting utilizing flagstone and boulders to create the image of an Asian hot spring and spa. It’s your patio, it’s your party, so let your design set the tone for your style. How about a pool/spa combination starting on the patio and pushing out into the backyard?

The patio or deck surrounding a pool/spa could include Coral stone. This unique material is a strong, weathered stone that has naturally survived many extremes of climate and ocean water. Even without treatment Coral stone can take abundant foot traffic and pool chemicals in stride. It will provide a non-slip surface around your pool/spa area and its light color naturally reflects the sun’s heat.

Design and Build your very own Outdoor Kitchen

To me, the best way to accomplish this is to start with the island structure at the center and build out. Of course, this may depend on what amenities you are considering building into this outdoor kitchen, such as an outdoor refrigerator, which is very convenient, a rinse sink, gas grill, rotisserie, and/or smoker. Be sure to consult and hire an electrician and a plumber. Which amenities you install will depend on your budget and how much space is available on your patio or immediately adjacent that may be used for the project. A massive stone fireplace at the very end of your patio area could very well spark envy in your guest, so be careful with that.

Additionally, you could build bench type seating into the railing or as part of the island structure, if used.

A Rock Pizza Oven

A rock pizza oven is the perfect addition to any party patio. First of all, who doesn’t love homemade pizza? There’s nothing like getting the family together and making the perfect homemade pizza on a Friday night. Imagine all the kids fighting over what topping to choose. Enjoy your new Rock Pizza Oven and enjoy time with your family.

After you have come to a full understanding of your communities’ building permit and zoning requirements, developed your plans, and selected the materials for your rock pizza oven, it is time to get it built. Consult the appropriate building and landscaping professionals you need, get several estimates for your project, if you’re not considering a do-it-yourself project, and then ask around about the reliability of any contractors you plan to use.

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