Benefits of Adding a Patio Wall

You may think that your outdoor space or patio is perfect without walls, but a patio wall can be a beautiful and functional addition. While you do not want to take away from the beauty of being outdoors, strategically placed patio walls can make your patio more enjoyable. Here are some ways adding a patio wall can be advantageous to your outdoor living space.

Wind Breaks

Have you ever had your outdoor furniture blow over or an umbrella become airborne? Even on a warm day, swift breezes can be annoying. If you have winds that usually come from one direction, consider a wind break with the addition of a patio wall. They can also offer shade in the late afternoon when your patio can become too warm in the sun.

Sitting Patio Wall

Not all patio walls need to be tall. A partial patio wall can create a border for your patio and you can add more seating. A sitting patio wall has bench seating, creating permanent furniture for your patio. Even when you have put away your outdoor furniture for the season, you still have functional seating outside for your patio.

Beautiful Hardscapes

One of the most beautiful materials for any patio wall is natural stone. Regardless of function, a patio wall made from natural stone can add an element of elegance to your outdoor living space, while creating value for your home. Both mortared stone and stone veneer can add beauty for your new patio wall.

Looking for ideas for adding a patio wall? Talk to your local landscaper that offers hardscaping options with stone or pavers. They can show you ways to incorporate a patio wall into your outdoor living space to improve the function and aesthetics of your patio.

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5 Benefits of Using Natural Stone to Create Your Patio

If adding a new patio is on your to-do list this year, consider the benefits of using natural stone. While concrete or man-made pavers may be less expensive, they don’t offer the beauty or longevity of natural stone. For a unique patio which will add value to your home, natural stone is the best material to build an outdoor surface capable of lasting for decades. Here are five of the benefits of using natural stone for your new patio.

  1. Variety. There are several types of natural stone available for you to use for patios, giving you options beyond plain pavers. Fieldstone and flagstone are both excellent choices, due to their natural shape.
  2. Durability. In terms of durability, natural stone is unsurpassed. Most stone is centuries old, and will last for hundreds of years.
  3. Uniqueness. Each stone is like a snowflake; no two are exactly alike. The variations in shape and color guarantee that your patio will be unlike any other in the world.
  4. Low maintenance. Natural stone patios are easy to maintain, requiring very little in the way of care or repair in comparison to other patio materials.
  5. Value. Although natural stone is more expensive than some other materials, it offers more value due to its longevity and the value it can add to your home.

Before building yet another boring, cookie-cutter patio from cement or formed pavers, take the time to consider using natural stone for your outdoor area. It’s certainly a worthwhile investment to create a patio which is both beautiful and built to last, enhancing the appearance of your home for decades to come.

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Create the Look You Want with Thin Natural Stone Veneer

Natural stone is highly coveted in home improvement projects, but it can also be quite expensive. One of the main reasons stone is costly is due to the weight and the cost of shipping the material. To get the same beauty of natural stone with a lower cost, thin natural stone veneers are an excellent option. Due to the lower weight, they are less expensive to ship and easier to work with than heavy stone, yet are more durable and unique than manufactured stone veneers.

Types of Thin Natural Stone Veneer

Thin, natural stone veneers offer the same look and benefits of natural stone. They are durable, unique and add value to your home. Whether you are using the veneer to side a home or to surface a fireplace, natural stone veneer can give you the look of natural stone with the same chip and scratch resistance, for less money.

Stone veneers come in a wide variety of options, using different types of stone and methods. Some of the most popular options include those cut from flagstone or fieldstone, including sawn veneer and stacked stone veneers. You can choose a veneer which will provide the illusion that the entire wall or structure is built from stone, when it’s actually only covered with the material.

If you have had your heart set on having a natural stone accent in your home, thin natural stone veneers may be the right choice, saving you money while providing you with the same quality. Talk to your local quarry to learn more about the stone veneer options available for your project.

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