Matching Your Landscaping to Your Pool Design

Landscape design should match your home and style, including the type of swimming pool design you have in your backyard. Pool and landscape design should go hand-in-hand to create a blended style. A contemporary or modern pool design may seem out of place with tropical plants that would look better with a lagoon or natural pool style. Make sure you create a cohesive look by matching your landscaping to your pool design.

Modern Pool Design Landscaping Ideas

For a contemporary or modern pool with straight lines, water walls and clean edges, you want landscaping that will not detract from the simplicity. Too much foliage may seem cluttered next to the contemporary pool style. Strategically placed plants, rock gardens, water features and sculptures may be better matched with an elegant modern pool than too much green or flowing plants. Minimal plant life with more hardscapes can be the best option to create the modern style you desire.

Natural Pool Design

Many people prefer to have a pool that looks like a natural water source, with flowing waterfalls, natural rock formations and curved edges. With this type of pool design, an abundance of plant life can create a stunning water oasis in your backyard. Tropical plants blend in perfectly to soften the look of your backyard. The combination of the green leaves, bright flowers and blue of the water can be soothing and inviting.

If your pool style and landscaping seem to clash, talk to your local landscaper to create a new landscaping design. With a few changes, your landscaping and pool design can match perfectly, creating a stunning outdoor space for you and your family to enjoy while adding value to your home.

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Invite Birds and Butterflies into Your Backyard

Do you love watching wild birds, butterflies and other creatures? Why not invite some of Mother Nature’s pets into your backyard? Even in urban areas, you can create a small refuge for the winged and underwater varieties of wildlife which can be enjoyable to watch from the privacy of your own home. Here are some tips to help make your yard a place of wonder for wildlife.

  • Water features. One of the best ways to attract any type of wildlife is to offer water in your yard for their use. A beautiful waterfall or even a bubbling urn or bird bath can bring may winged creatures into your yard.
  • Plant life. Birds need places to nest and butterflies also enjoy places to hide from predators and the sun. Shrubs and bushes are great for attracting both birds and butterflies. Like hummingbirds, butterflies and even the bumblebee? Plant pollinating flowers as a food source for these creatures.
  • Ecosystem ponds. Another beautiful addition to your backyard that offers both water and a place for wildlife to live is an ecosystem pond. This can inhabit koi or other fish, frogs and support water plants that attract birds to your yard.
  • Feeders. Food will attract almost anything. After all, look how many friends and family show up when you have a BBQ. Put out feeders for birds and squirrels to bring those creatures running to your yard.

To make your yard a wildlife oasis, talk to your local landscaper for help creating water features and garden areas that will beckon the creatures in your neighborhood. Before long, you will have a lively backyard full of beautiful birds, butterflies and other wildlife.

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Organic Landscaping for Your Yard

Are you trying to live a green, eco-friendly lifestyle? Maintaining a beautiful yard often requires the use of fertilizers and weed control products, many of which can be harmful to the environment. If living green is important to you, there are many benefits to using organic products for your landscaping projects. You can still have the beautiful yard you dream of, without adding chemicals to the plants and soil.

Benefits of Organic Landscaping

If you visit a local landscape supply store, you will see hundreds of products designed to help you nurture your plants and rid your landscaping of unwanted weeds. While many of these use chemicals, there are organic options available, which are made from natural components. In most cases, the organic products work as well, or even better, than the comparable synthetic options. Some of the benefits of using organic products include:

  • Animal safety. Chemical lawn products can be toxic to animals, putting wildlife and your pets in danger. Most organic products are safe for animals and for your family.
  • Soil enhancement. Organic products add to the quality of your soil, instead of releasing toxins into the ground. Organic materials can improve soil moisture and aeration, creating healthier plant growth.
  • Longevity. Organic fertilizers, mulch and even weed control products often last longer than their chemical counterparts. Instead of washing away, they slowly break down and help retain the health of your lawn and gardens.

If protecting your family, pets and the environment is important to you, talk to your local landscaper or landscape supply store about using organic products on your yard. You can have a beautiful lawn and healthy gardens, without the harmful effects of chemical landscaping products.

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