5 Signs You Have a Drainage Problem

When water has no where to go, it can cause big problems on your property. Proper drainage around your home and yard can ensure that too much water does not accumulate and cause damage to your home and landscaping. Unfortunately, some homeowners wait too long to fix a drainage problem and end up with expensive damage to their foundation, concrete structures and landscaping. Here are 5 signs you have landscape drainage problem that you need to fix.

  1. Uneven grass growth in your yard. Is some of your lawn bright green and lush and other areas sparse? Uneven or unusual grass growth could be due to water pooling in certain areas of your yard.
  2. Overflowing gutters. When heavy rains pour down, do your gutters overflow? This can lead to drainage problems affecting your landscaping and foundation.
  3. Leaky basement. If you have water leaking into your basement, there may be too much water collecting around your home. A good drainage system will direct water away from your home’s foundation.
  4. Cracks in concrete foundations, sidewalks and patios. Concrete is porous and does not fair well with too much water. Cracks in your concrete structures can be caused by breakdown and erosion caused by poor drainage.
  5. Soggy spots around your property. Do you have soggy areas around your yard, in your crawl space, or puddles in your driveway? These are all signs of a poor drainage system.

If you have any of the signs of a drainage problem, it is time to get the issue resolved before it damages your home or property. Contact a local landscaping company that offers drainage system design and installation to fix drainage issues and protect the investment you have in your home.

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5 Options for Reducing Water Damage on Your Property

Water is the essence of life; it can also be detrimental to your home and property. Too much water run off can cause erosion, basement leaks, foundation damage and ruined landscaping. If you have too much water on your property that is causing damage, here are five options to protect your property from further damage.

  1. Retaining walls. While a retaining wall will not stop water run-off, it can help prevent erosion to your property. Slopes or hills can benefit from the addition of a retaining wall to stop minor mudslides; they can also enhance the beauty and function of your property.
  2. French drains. Give water a destination by installing French drains in your lawn. These underground pipes can divert water to a proper drainage spot, away from your expensive landscaping and home.
  3. Basement waterproofing. Give your home’s basement extra protection from leaks or flooding with improved waterproofing. Consider the Park’s Free-Flowing Waterproofing System for the best protection.
  4. Dry creek beds. A beautiful way to add better drainage to your property is with a dry creek bed. This natural stone path offers a lower area for water to gravitate towards while adding a lovely element to your landscaping.
  5. Another option to reduce water drainage issues is leveling your property. Adding a light slope away from your home or other structures can help divert water away to a more desirable location.

If excess water is causing damage to your property or home, call your local landscaping experts. There are many options to divert and drain water away from your property to reduce damage and erosion.

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5 Reasons to Invest in a Drainage System for Your Yard

Do you have periods during the year where your yard becomes soggy? Drainage issue are not just a nuisance; they can cause damage to your home and property. Even if you have not had any flooding issues or damage to your property from excess water, that doesn’t mean it will not happen in the future. Here are five excellent reasons to invest in a drainage system for your home and yard. 

  1. Landscaping woes. If nothing else, excess water can drown your lawn and other plants, making it difficult to keep a beautiful yard. Keep your landscape looking healthy by adding proper drainage.
  2. Protect your home’s foundation. Even if you can’t see it, too much water can be destroying your home’s foundation below the surface. The constant pressure of ground water can eat away at your foundation, especially when good drainage techniques are not used.
  3. Prevent basement flooding. Even a small amount of water penetrating your basement walls can cause damage. Furniture, floors and other items can be ruined; plus, excess moisture puts you at risk of mold problems that can be dangerous and expensive to repair.
  4. Paved areas. Your paved driveway or patio are susceptible to erosion from too much water. Improper drainage can destroy the underlying foundation, causing pot holes, cracks and crumbling.
  5. Pooling water attracts pests. The last thing you want is a breeding ground for insects in your yard.

There are many affordable drainage solutions that can help eliminate excess water in your yard. Talk to your local landscaper that offers drainage installation to find the best option for your home.

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Four Uses of French Drains

Do you have problems with too much water in your yard? Proper drainage is an issue for many home and business owners. When the wet season hits, if there is not an efficient drainage solution in place you could find yourself with a soggy lawn or even water damage to your building. French drains are one of the best solutions when it comes to drainage problems, especially these four common issues.

  1. Wet basements. Is water getting into your basement? This usually means you need a better drainage system to divert water away from your building. French drains can transport water run-off from gutters away from the building to protect the foundation. They can also be used in several ways to keep basements dry during the wet seasons.
  2. Retaining walls. If you have retaining walls on a slope, a French drain placed behind the top wall can help divert water that can undermine your retaining wall. Although the wall is used to help with erosion, too much water build up behind the wall can impact the structure.
  3. Flat, wet yards. If you have a flat yard that always ends up soggy, during the wet season, a French drain is perfect for evening out the moisture levels. This man-made slope system can divert excess water to a storm drain or drainage ditch.
  4. Surface water reduction. Do you have a pond that appears a few months out of the year on your property? If you have a dip that fills with surface water, a French drain installed in the higher ground above can be a cost effective solution.

If you have a drainage issue on your property, don’t let it cause damage to your permanent structures. Call a local landscaping contractor to discuss installing a French drain.

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Dry Creek Beds- Beautiful Drainage for Your Yard

Do you have drainage issues on your property? Excess water can be a concern, pooling in areas that can ruin your landscaping, damage your home and attract unwanted pests into your yard. While there are many ways to manage drainage problems, none are quite as beautiful as a dry creek bed. When installed by a talented landscape design company, it can become an attractive focal point while still giving you the drainage solution you need to manage your excess water problems.

Design Ideas for Dry Creek Beds

Although any professionally installed dry creek bed may resolve your drainage problem, why stop at function when you can add beauty as well? Consider these ideas to make your new creek bed a lovely addition to your landscape design while reducing water pooling in your yard.

  • Curving creek. Give your creek bed a natural, meandering look of a natural creek by curving it through your yard. Why have a straight line when you can add a softer, more appealing design?
  • Choose delightful stones. Talk to your landscaper about colorful stones that can brighten your creek bed. Many varieties of river rock can come in an assortment of browns, grays and reds to add color to your creek.
  • Borders. Add some unique borders to your dry creek bed to blend it into your landscaping. Boulders can be great accent pieces, along with strategic plants and other landscaping elements.

With the help of your professional landscaper, you can create a drainage option with a dry creek bed that blends perfectly into your landscape design, instead of detracting from it.  For many homes, it is the ultimate blend of form and function to solve a drainage problem.

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