Adding Arbors to Your Landscape Design

Are you looking for ways to upgrade your landscape design? Arbors can be a great way to improve your outdoor space. There are many different types of materials, sizes and shapes that can be used when building an arbor and incorporating it into your outdoor areas. Here are some tips to get you started on planning your arbor addition to your landscape design.

Are You Adding Plants?

Before your plan your arbor, you need to decide if you plan on using plants with your arbor. This can change where you put your arbor, what material it is made from and how it is shaped. Considering how the plants will grow, what maintenance they will need, sunlight and how heavy they will be when full grown.

What Is the Purpose of the Arbor?

Arbors are a beautiful addition, but they can also have a function. Consider whether you want your arbor to be only decorative or if it will have a functional purpose. Arbors can add privacy at entrances, divide your outdoor space and even be used as windbreaks. Determining the function can help you with your design and placement.

Match Your Arbor to Your Home

Arbors can be made from many different materials and in a variety of designs. Your arbor should complement the architecture of your home. Arbors can be arched or in straight lines, made from vinyl, metal or wood. Consider how the arbor design will match the rest of your home and outdoor space.

A talented landscape designer can help you determine the best way to use arbors in your yard. When added with planning and purpose, arbors can create an astounding atmosphere and offer function for your outdoor areas.

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Tips for Using Arbors in Your Landscaping

Arbors can add interest and beauty to your landscaping, yet they also can have a functional role in your yard. For centuries, arbors have been used to offer shade in outdoor areas and have been a useful tool for gardening. You can use both the aesthetic and functional aspects of arbors to enhance your outdoor area. Here are some tips to consider for using arbors in your landscaping. 

  • Think function, then aesthetics. What is the purpose of the arbor you want to add? You may think it is purely aesthetics but there is often a function as well. If you want an arbor for an entry way or for a romantic swing, you know the function and can tailor the aesthetics for the area.
  • Match your arbor to your home. Arbors can be made of many different materials. You want your arbor to blend and match your home’s design. Function can also play a role in the material you use. Wood is a beautiful option but may not hold up as well as vinyl for heavy plants, vines and weather exposure.
  • Use for gardening in small spaces. One of the best uses of an arbor is to maximize your gardening area in small spaces. Using the vertical space on an arbor can make the most of a small garden area.

Whatever plans you have to utilize an arbor in your landscaping, consider having an arbor custom-made for your project. Although there are many arbors you can buy pre-made, having a custom made arbor for your specific needs can make a big difference in the final effect. Talk to a local landscaper that offers custom arbor design to get ideas for your project.

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