Landscaping a Sloped Front Yard

If your home sits atop a steep slope or hill, your front yard may be difficult to landscape. The traditional lush lawn and hedges will not work well on a hill, requiring more creative options for your front yard. Here are some ideas to make the most of your sloped front yard, creating a look that is beautiful and easy to maintain.

Retaining Walls for a Terraced Entrance

To make the hill easier to landscape, consider adding retaining walls to break up the hill and create terraces for planting. This can create a gorgeous entrance to your home and add to the curb appeal with floating gardens.

Forego the Groundcover

Forget using grass or ground cover for a steeply sloped front yard – it is likely to erode and difficult to maintain. Instead, you can plant shrubs, tall grasses and interesting plants spotted over the slope, along with boulders to cover the hillside.

Stunning Stairs

If you want a walkway from the street level, you will need a safe stairway for your guests. There are many options, from natural stone steps made from flagstone to a sturdy wooden stairway with handrails to create a passable walkway up the hill.

Rocks and Waterfalls

Skip the plants and adorn your front yard hill with granite or other stone work if it matches the style of your home. You can even add a waterfall that uses gravity to trickle down your hillside for a stunning front yard statement.

Landscaping steep slopes and hills can be tricky, but if done right, you will have a unique front yard for your home. To find the best landscaping design for your sloped front yard, consult a local landscaping professional to explore all the options.

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Romantic Additions for Your Backyard

If you love romantic styles that bring to mind dramatic scenes from your favorite movies and books, you can incorporate that style into your landscaping. Romantic design creates beauty and intimate areas, often with a classic style. Here are some ideas for romantic additions that can transform your backyard into an intimate oasis.

Arbors and Trellises

There is something classic and romantic about arbors and trellises. These structures can adorn your landscaping and offer many functional elements, including creating privacy. A strategically placed arbor over a bench with a trellis can be a perfect place to sneak a kiss.

Garden Pond and Waterfall

The sound of falling or bubbling water is soothing and relaxing. Add a garden pond with a trickling waterfall with nearby seating for amorous rendezvous. It is a stunning focal point for your yard and a lovely romantic spot for quiet moments alone.


A private gazebo away from your main patio or pool area offers a secluded structure to get away from the rest of the family with the one you loved. Dim, soft lighting inside or around the structure can create that romantic style that will also add beauty to your outdoor space.

Winding Garden Pathways

If you have the space, an expansive flower garden with a winding pathway through the petals is perfect for hand-holding walks. This is the ultimate in romantic style, just like a scene out of a classic film.

If you want to embrace a romantic style for your backyard, find a talented landscape designer to help you build your vision. You can create an amazing romantic oasis right in your backyard with the right elements.

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Add Tranquility To Your Yard With A Water Feature

The sound of moving water can be soothing, making it a perfect addition to your home. Whether it is the rushing sound of a waterfall or the soft gurgle of a babbling brook, water can have a relaxing effect to calm the nerves and evoke a sense of peace. Water features have become popular additions to many homes, offering beauty and tranquility in the privacy of your own backyard.

Choosing A Water Feature For Your Yard

Water features come in a variety of forms, from large garden pools to small stone fountains. Depending on the size and scope of your landscaping design plan, there are many options to choose from when adding a water feature. Some of the most popular include:

  • Ponds. A garden pond can be home to fish, frogs and many beautiful water plants, adding natural wonder to your yard, even in the most urban of settings.
  • Waterfalls. Pair your pond with a waterfall or create a rock wall with water flowing over it for a dramatic and soothing addition to your yard. If you have a pool, consider adding a waterfall and plants feature to give your pool a tropical effect.
  • Fountains. Water fountains and statues can be added to almost any size yard or patio. They are a great way to add artistic flair and the appeal of running water to your home.

Adding the element of water can make an incredible difference to the look and feel of your backyard space. Talk with your professional landscaper about the water feature options that would work best with your home and landscape design.

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