Landscaping a Sloped Front Yard

If your home sits atop a steep slope or hill, your front yard may be difficult to landscape. The traditional lush lawn and hedges will not work well on a hill, requiring more creative options for your front yard. Here are some ideas to make the most of your sloped front yard, creating a look that is beautiful and easy to maintain.

Retaining Walls for a Terraced Entrance

To make the hill easier to landscape, consider adding retaining walls to break up the hill and create terraces for planting. This can create a gorgeous entrance to your home and add to the curb appeal with floating gardens.

Forego the Groundcover

Forget using grass or ground cover for a steeply sloped front yard – it is likely to erode and difficult to maintain. Instead, you can plant shrubs, tall grasses and interesting plants spotted over the slope, along with boulders to cover the hillside.

Stunning Stairs

If you want a walkway from the street level, you will need a safe stairway for your guests. There are many options, from natural stone steps made from flagstone to a sturdy wooden stairway with handrails to create a passable walkway up the hill.

Rocks and Waterfalls

Skip the plants and adorn your front yard hill with granite or other stone work if it matches the style of your home. You can even add a waterfall that uses gravity to trickle down your hillside for a stunning front yard statement.

Landscaping steep slopes and hills can be tricky, but if done right, you will have a unique front yard for your home. To find the best landscaping design for your sloped front yard, consult a local landscaping professional to explore all the options.

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How to Upgrade Your Landscaping with Shrubs

Does your landscaping design lack depth? A lush lawn and flower beds are beautiful, but they can appear dull without shrubs, bushes or trees for height. Strategically placed shrubs can give your landscaping a new look and have other added benefits. Here are some ideas on how to upgrade your landscaping with shrubs and hedges.

Edge Your Lawn

Shrubs, privacy trees or hedges are a lovely way to edge your lawn or property. A hedge across the front of your property or privacy shrubs along the perimeter can create a border for your lawn. Not only do they create a defined area, they can add a natural fence for your yard. This can deter trespassers and block the view for security and privacy.

Focal Foliage

Shrubs are perfect for adding some focal foliage around entrances and walkways. Placing a shrub on either side of your porch steps creates an appealing entrance for your home. The height of bushes and shrubs creates a more balanced landscape design, adding dimension for yards that are lacking different levels of focal objects.

Seasonal Color

Many shrubs and bushes have the added benefit of seasonal flowers. Lilacs, rhododendrons and Rose of Sharon are all beautiful options for bringing blooms to your yard. These bushes also attract birds, bees and butterflies that add brilliance to your yard.

Not sure which shrubs will thrive in your region? Contact your local landscaper. They can discuss the best options in shrubs, bushes, privacy trees and hedges for your area and help you redesign your landscaping. You can enjoy the beauty and benefits of shrubs that will upgrade the style of your yard.

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Four Reasons to Plant New Trees or Shrubs this Fall

Is your yard lacking dimension or privacy? Maybe you need to add some beautiful trees or shrubs to your property. Fall is the perfect time to add these larger plants that can add so much depth and function to your landscape design. Here are four excellent reasons to use this fall to bring in these additions.

  1. Warm soil. Fall is a great time to plant trees and shrubs because the soil is still warm and inviting to new roots. The temperature is perfect, promoting quick root growth for optimal planting. There is still enough time before winter for those roots to become established to handle the cold snaps.
  2. Adding dimension. Trees and shrubs add dimension to your landscaping that ground plants cannot offer. Plus, they attract beautiful birds and butterflies that add to your outdoor scenery.
  3. Plenty of good planting days. Unlike spring where the weather is hit or miss, fall usually offers plenty of great days for planting. There is no need to try a schedule planting times around spring showers and deal with the cold, muddy ground.
  4. More privacy. Trees and shrubs are Mother Nature’s blinds, helping give you and your family a little more privacy without needing to erect a fence. If privacy is one of your goals, talk to your landscaper about which trees and shrubs are best for coverage in your region.

Don’t put off adding trees or shrubs to your yard any longer. Call your local landscaping company to schedule a tree or shrub planting for this fall. By next summer they will look great and you can begin reaping the benefits of these beautiful additions to your yard.

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Using Shrubs As Privacy Fences

Having a perfect line of shrubs or hedges can make an excellent privacy fence for your yard. It has a natural appeal that is aesthetic and a functional aspect of blocking prying eyes from your yard. Creating a privacy fence using bushes, shrubs or hedges is not something that happens overnight but is an ongoing project. However, once you have created the affect, it is beautiful to behold.

There are several things to consider when choosing the shrubs that you will use for your privacy fence. You must first determine which shrubs grow best in the climate where you live. Although you may love the look of a Dense Yew, which can make an excellent formal hedge, it does not grow well everywhere. Also, different types of shrubs grow at different rate, making a large difference in the amount of maintenance they will require.

–          Slow-medium growing shrubs. For those willing to wait for their privacy fence, slow or medium-growing varieties are an excellent option. While it may take a few years to get the look you desire, you will not have as much maintenance with a slower growing shrub.

–          Fast growing shrubs. If you are looking to create your privacy fence at a quicker rate, many deciduous varieties will grow fast. However, you will trade a fast rate for more maintenance in pruning and clipping chores.

Shrub fences are a wonderful addition to a yard and can create fantastic curb appeal for your home. However, a knowledge of which shrubs work best, their root structure and the maintenance required should be investigated before embarking on this project. Getting the help and expertise of a professional landscaper may be prudent.