Combining Your Pool and Landscape Design

Your backyard swimming pool and the surrounding yard should blend perfectly. They are not two separate entities – they are all part of your outdoor living space. When adding a new pool or changing your landscape design, you need to consider the overall style you want to achieve. Here are some factors to consider when changing your landscaping or pool to ensure consistency in your outdoor space.

What Is Your Pool Style?

There are many types of pools, but most fit into a few basic styles. There are sleek, modern or contemporary designs that have clean or straight lines. Other pools are “lagoon-like” or have a curved shaped to look more natural. The landscaping to compliment a modern pool or a lagoon style are very different.

  • Modern pool styles. A minimal-approach for landscaping works well with modern pools. Clean lawns and limited foliage blends with a sleek pool design.
  • Natural pool styles. If you are trying to create a lagoon oasis in your backyard, you want plenty of plants and foliage. Large ferns and tropical plants can add to the effect you are trying to project.

It is important to consider these factors when making a change to either your pool or landscaping. A modern pool will look out of place in the midst of excessive plants and trees, but a natural pool will blend perfectly. If one area of your backyard is changing, you may need to consider updating other aspects for a balanced appearance.

It can be beneficial to find a company that offers both landscape and pool design in their services when updating your backyard space. This can ensure you create a balanced style that will look fantastic when it is completed.

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Trendy Ways to Transform Your Backyard

Are you bored with your backyard or has it become too much work to maintain? Maybe it is time to makeover your yard to give it a new look or simplify the maintenance needed. Trends in landscape design include options to minimize water use and maintenance, as well as spectacular transformations to make your backyard into your own little oasis. Here are some of the trendy ways homeowners are transforming their backyards.

Low Maintenance Trends

If you want to cut down on the time you spend weeding, mowing, edging and watering your backyard, you are not alone. A lush, green landscape design is beautiful, but it takes a lot of work and water to maintain. Some of the top trends in low maintenance landscape designs include:

  • Xeroscaping
  • Rock gardens
  • Larger patios with less lawn/garden space
  • Wildflowers and other native plants that thrive easily in your region

Innovative Landscape Designs

If you care more about having a stunning backyard than how much maintenance it will require, there are some gorgeous options in design that are popular right now. Some of the hottest trends include:

  • Adding a fire pit or fireplace
  • Water features like water walls, fountains and waterfalls
  • Sunken paved patios
  • Lavish gardens with unique plants that add diversity to your landscape design
  • Color-matching in plant life, creating a work of art in your backyard

If you are ready to transform your backyard, you need the help of a talented landscaper to help implement your new design. Ask your local landscaper for ideas to help update your backyard into a space that meets your standards, whether you want a new look or an easier, more eco-friendly yard to maintain.

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5 Reasons to Hire a Landscape Designer

Landscape designers are not just for the rich and famous. There are many benefits to hiring a landscape designer to help you plan the layout of your yard. While you may have a vision for what you would like your yard to look like, it is not always easy to make a reality. Here are five excellent reasons why hiring a landscape designer can be a worthy investment.

  1. Focal points. A landscape designer can help you create focal points that pull your landscaping efforts together. Without focal points, a landscape design can seem scattered and less appealing.
  2. Plant knowledge. Knowing what plants work best and where is important for success in landscape design. A landscape designer will know which plants will work best for your soil, region and sun/shade options.
  3. Maintenance needs. You may love shaped hedges or colorful roses but are you up for the maintenance these plants require? Your landscape designer can help you create a yard that is within your comfort level for maintenance.
  4. Incorporating hardscapes. Landscape design is not just about plants. Adding retaining walls, ponds, waterfalls, patios and other hardscapes are all part of the design plan to create your own oasis in your backyard.
  5. Curb appeal. Your landscaping is important to your home’s value and curb appeal. It is worth the investment to create a design that enhances the beauty of your home.

Considering the cost and time that goes into landscaping your yard, it is worth considering having a professional assist you with the design. Even if you plan to do the landscaping yourself, having a designer can help you avoid issues that could cost you more in the long run.

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Three Important Landscaping Considerations You Don’t Want to Ignore

When it comes to creating the ideal landscape, some property owners tend to become too wrapped up in beauty and aesthetics.

Factors such as erosion, functionality, and irrigation are often afterthoughts. Ignoring these three landscaping factors can result in frustration, costly revisions, and an unattractive landscape.

Important Landscaping Consideration #1 – Erosion

Ignoring or failing to consider erosion can cause you to make a very poor landscaping investment. Property with uneven soil or sloped areas typically loses soil.

A good landscape design will address these issues as well as proper drainage and planting before getting started.  Retaining walls are a proven and effective way to prevent erosion, preserve your landscape’s beauty, and protect your investment.

Important Landscaping Consideration #2 – Functionality

Making your landscape “aesthetically pleasing” often overshadows the functionality. Your landscaping plan should always factor in usability. Your landscape can be both beautiful and functional.

Your landscaping design should take into consideration  functional elements like work areas, play areas, outdoor living spaces, privacy areas, and also the functional use of plants. You needn’t include all of these, but rather only those that suit your needs and landscaping vision.

Important Landscaping Consideration #3 – Irrigation

It’s easy to find yourself swept up in all the excitement of designing and creating your new, beautiful landscape. Unfortunately, your zeal and excitement can result in your not giving irrigation (watering) the serious or realistic consideration it deserves.

Life often brings unexpected events to us that demand large amounts of our time…sometimes for long periods. Initially, you may promise yourself that you’ll take care of the watering, but unexpected travel and illnesses do happen. Installing an irrigation system is the best way to protect your landscaping investment and ensure that your project receives the right amount of water…even when you’re away.

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The Full Value of Professional Landscape Design

You don’t design a home one room at a time and yet that’s how many property owners often approach their outdoor living space. A patio is created in one area and plantings placed in another, but there is no overall plan for the entire space and how that space relates to the buildings located on it. A professional landscape design will address several important issues related to functionality and aesthetics. The design will also deal with any desired privacy screening, proper grading to keep water running away from the house and proper plantings for shaded versus sunny areas.

Just as a home designer works with the owners to create a floor plan that fits their lifestyle and taste, a landscape designer will be taking your lifestyle into consideration as well. Will your outdoor living space be primarily your own private retreat, or are patio parties and neighborhood barbeques a regular part of your routine? Do you want low maintenance plantings or do you enjoy dressing up your green space with fresh annuals each year?

When you design the interior of your home, you take traffic patterns into consideration: What is the natural flow of traffic from one space to another and from the entrances? Your outdoor living area has those same natural traffic patterns that need to be built into the landscape design.

Without a proper landscape design, you may find rainwater running towards your home instead of away from it; you may find the layout of your entertainment space cumbersome or disjointed. To make the most out of your green space, enlist the services of a professional landscape designer.