New Options in Lawn and Garden Irrigation

Are you struggling to keep your lawn and garden watered? If you do not have irrigation or your system still requires manual operation, it may be time to update to a new irrigation system. There are many new options and features available in lawn and garden irrigation that can save you time and reduce water waste while improving your landscaping. Here are some of the options you can choose from with a new irrigation system.

Multiple Zones

You need different irrigation options for your lawn, landscaping and garden. New systems come with multiple zones that you can set with your preferences, customizing your watering needs to your different plant types and conservation methods.


If you still depend on manual controls, timers will make watering simple. Set your timers to water automatically whether you are at home or not, ensuring your lawn and garden are always getting the moisture they need.

Smart Controls

One of the biggest advancements in irrigation is smart controls. Depending on the system you choose, you can have features that take all the guesswork out of irrigation. New smart systems can measure moisture levels and detect rain, helping reduce water waste – no more sprinklers turning on when Mother Nature has already provided enough water. Plus, many smart systems have apps that you can download to your smartphone, giving you access to your system 24/7 from wherever you are.

A new irrigation system can help make it easier to maintain a stunning yard while saving you time and conserving water. If you are ready to upgrade your irrigation system, contact your local landscaper that installs new systems to lean about all the options available.

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How Advanced Irrigation Can Improve Your Lawn

Are you tired of fighting off the brown and yellow grass in the last months of summer? It can be difficult to keep a beautiful, green lawn without the right irrigation system. Even if you have an older irrigation system in place, it may not offer all the benefits of newer systems. Here are some of the advantages of adding a new smart irrigation system to your yard to improve your lawn for next summer.

  • Wi-fi capabilities. New smart irrigation systems can be set up to connect with your smartphone or tablet, giving you access to controlling your irrigation from wherever you are. This can help you manage your watering schedule beyond just setting a timer – you can turn on your sprinklers whenever, from wherever.
  • Reduced water use. With better controls comes better use of water. Smart irrigation systems are aware of weather and can be set to detect rain and precipitation so that you don’t use your sprinklers when it’s raining.
  • Improved lawn care. Not only can smart irrigation systems control your watering, they can help improve the care of your lawn. Some systems have capabilities to check fertilizer levels, temperatures, light and many other factors that impact your lawn. One interface can manage your lawn care and keep you on top of improving the health of your grass.

If you are ready to get the green, lush lawn you always wanted, consider investing in a new smart irrigation system. Talk to your local landscaper about upgrading your irrigation to a smarter, greener system that will help you get the best lawn for next summer.

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Smart Controllers For Irrigation Systems

How many times have you noticed someone’s irrigation sprinkler system merrily watering their lawn right after a few days of heavy rain?  Or worse, while its still raining?  Not only are these homeowners wasting money on their water bills, they may also actually be doing harm to their landscaping.  Too much water can make grasses and plants more susceptible to disease and overwatering can drown some plants.

An sprinkler irrigation system is a wonderful way to help keep your landscaping looking great, but it has to be used properly for the best results.  That means scheduling the irrigation system timer so that it delivers enough water, but not too much.  The problem is that the amount of water needed changes throughout the year due to seasonal weather changes and you need to frequently adjust your sprinkler system’s scheduling based on the current weather conditions.

A smart controller can help take care of adjusting your irrigations system’s scheduling.  A smart controlled uses weather information obtained from various inputs to adjust your irrigation system’s watering schedule to eliminate over-watering and under-watering your landscape.  This weather information can include actual local rainfall and other information obtained from the system’s rain gauge and other instruments, weather information obtained from the internet, moisture sensors, and other sources.

Some smart controllers are relatively simple and others are very sophisticated and take into account the nature and type of soil, slope of the yard and other factors.  Smart controllers can be customized for different zones of the landscaping to take into account different soil conditions and plant watering needs.