Romantic Additions for Your Backyard

If you love romantic styles that bring to mind dramatic scenes from your favorite movies and books, you can incorporate that style into your landscaping. Romantic design creates beauty and intimate areas, often with a classic style. Here are some ideas for romantic additions that can transform your backyard into an intimate oasis.

Arbors and Trellises

There is something classic and romantic about arbors and trellises. These structures can adorn your landscaping and offer many functional elements, including creating privacy. A strategically placed arbor over a bench with a trellis can be a perfect place to sneak a kiss.

Garden Pond and Waterfall

The sound of falling or bubbling water is soothing and relaxing. Add a garden pond with a trickling waterfall with nearby seating for amorous rendezvous. It is a stunning focal point for your yard and a lovely romantic spot for quiet moments alone.


A private gazebo away from your main patio or pool area offers a secluded structure to get away from the rest of the family with the one you loved. Dim, soft lighting inside or around the structure can create that romantic style that will also add beauty to your outdoor space.

Winding Garden Pathways

If you have the space, an expansive flower garden with a winding pathway through the petals is perfect for hand-holding walks. This is the ultimate in romantic style, just like a scene out of a classic film.

If you want to embrace a romantic style for your backyard, find a talented landscape designer to help you build your vision. You can create an amazing romantic oasis right in your backyard with the right elements.

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Build Your Own Beautiful Garden Path

You work hard to create a beautiful, lush lawn; protect and enhance your lawn by adding a garden path to keep traffic off your carefully nurtured grass. A simple pathway can provide a convenient place to walk through your yard, and also add dimension to your landscape design. With a little hard work and landscape supplies, you can build your new garden path in as little as a day.

Planning Your Path

First, you need to decide where and what size your path will be. Most walkways are about eighteen inches wide, wider if you want two people to be able to walk abreast. Devise your plan and measure the total length, multiplying it by the width to get the surface area you need to cover.

Next, you will need to determine what material you want to use for your path surface. The three main materials are bricks or pavers, natural stone or gravel. Each has its own merits, so it really comes down to preference and budget. The best way to decide is to take your measurements to your local landscape supply store and look at your options.

  • Cement pavers. Pre-formed cement pavers or bricks can be an affordable option, with a variety of colors and shapes from which to choose.
  • Natural stone. If you want a rustic, natural look, natural stone pavers may be the best choice for you. Although they are more expensive, they are also one of the most aesthetically pleasing choices.
  • Gravel. Pea and decorative gravel are perfect for garden paths, plus they are fast and easy to use.

Talk to one of the knowledgeable staff about price and other supplies you will need for your path such as edging, sand and landscape fabric. They can ensure that you get all the right supplies to create your garden path from start to finish.

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