Improve Safety and Security with a Fenced Yard

Fencing is more than an aesthetic feature for your yard. It can also help add security and protect the safety of your family. If you have considered adding a fence, but are not sure it is worth the investment, consider the benefits it can bring to your home and family. Here are a few ways fencing can improve the safety and security of your home.

Kids and Pets

Playing outside is important for kids and pets to get the exercise they need to stay healthy. When your yard is not fenced, you need to be vigilant to be with your kids and pets every moment they are outside. A fenced yard creates a secure place for kids and pets to play and run.

Privacy for Safety and Security

A fence can add privacy, which is important for safety and security. When others cannot see into your yard, it can deter intruders. Burglars and other criminals prefer to target homes where they can plan their break in. When they cannot easily see the entrances and other aspects of the home, they are less likely to target it for their criminal activities.

Keep Others Out

Fencing not only helps keep your kids and pets safe in your yard, it can keep others out. This includes animals and humans. While fencing can be climbed, it is a deterrent that can minimize the risk of others coming into your yard.

A fenced yard can look wonderful and offers many safety and security benefits; fences also add value to your home. Give your family the benefits of privacy and security by adding fencing to your home.

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Add Privacy and Security to Your Home with Fencing

Is your front or backyard unfenced and easily accessible for the eyes and unwanted trespassers? If you are tired of feeling on display when out in your yard due to nosey neighbors, or having unwanted animals or people entering your property, it may be time to add fencing. Not only can the right fence add privacy and security for your home, it can be a beautiful and valuable addition to your property.

Reasons a Fence is a Wise Investment

While it does cost money to install fencing, it can be a wise investment. For many people, their home is the largest asset they own, making worthwhile to protect it and its value. It is also your sanctuary, the place you should feel secure and relaxed. Fencing can add value to your home, in more ways than one. Here are some reasons that fencing is a wise and valuable addition to your home.

  • Security. Keeping intruders out can protect your property, home, family and belongings with higher security. A fence blocks the view and makes it harder for burglars to “case” your home and to get in and out. Plus, it can help keep your kids and pets safe.
  • Privacy. You should be able to relax on your back patio or deck without your neighbors peering at you and your activities.
  • Value. A fence can be a beautiful addition to your home and increase the value. Many people looking for a home want a fenced yard for the benefits it provides, so when you sell, it could make your home more attractive to buyers.

There are more reasons to add fencing than to leave your home and yard unprotected. Talk to your local landscaper that offers fencing installation to find the right fence for your home to get more security and privacy.

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4 Excellent Reasons to Add a Fence to Your Home

If you have a yard that is unprotected, you may have been considering the option of adding a fence. While it is an additional expense, there are several excellent reasons to add a fence to your home. Consider these four reasons to upgrade your property with a new fence:

  1. Enhanced security and safety. Whether you want to keep others out, or keep your kids and pets in your yard, a fence is the best option. Although not fool-proof, a fence is a great deterrent to both two-legged and four-legged intruders that may want to trespass into your yard. It also allows your kids and pets to play outside without fear that they will wander out of the yard, or someone else will have quick access to them.
  2. Privacy benefits. If you live in a neighborhood or on a main road, your home is easily visible without a fence. Fences can give you added privacy, whether it is an enclosure around your backyard pool or a privacy fence between your front yard and the street.
  3. Aesthetic appeal. Some fences are designed more for aesthetic appeal than for privacy or security. A beautiful picket fence can add charm to your home, while a regal wrought iron fence can add a classic, upscale appearance.
  4. Value. While a fence is a monetary expense, it also is an investment into your home and property. Often a well-designed fence can add to the value of your home, even increasing the value above the initial cost of installation.

If you are considering adding a new fence, talk to your local landscaping company that offers fence installation. They can discuss the different fencing options that will meet your preferences and budget concerns.

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Protect Your Pooch with Property Fencing

If your dog is considered a member of your family, you want to ensure he’s safe and secure at home. There are times where your dog needs to be outside to relieve himself or to get the exercise he needs, and if you own a home without fencing, you may be putting your dog at risk when he goes outdoors to do his business.  Consider these excellent reasons for adding a fence to keep your dog safe.

  • Busy streets. It only takes a moment for a dog to run out into a busy street and be hit by a car. Even the best trained dog can react to another dog walking down the street or a cat baiting him, causing him to leave his safe yard. A fence is the best way to avoid these horrible accidents.
  • People and animals. Unlike invisible fences and tethering, fences also keep others out of your yard as well as keeping your dog inside. This can keep your dog safe from taunting and pranks by kids, and keep them safe from your dog retaliating.
  • Exercise. All dogs need exercise, and a fenced yard is a great place for them to play, run and relax. Once you have a fence, you and your furry friend have a safe place to play ball and spend quality time together, right at home.

In addition to protecting your dog, a quality fence can add beauty and security to your home. Talk to your local landscaping and fencing company to find the best fence for keeping your dog secure while adding value to your home.

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Add Privacy To Your Home With A New Fence

One of the main reasons people add fencing to their property is to increase privacy around their homes. With many homes built in crowded neighborhoods, there are often many areas of the home and yard which lie in plain view to neighbors and passersby. Adding a new fence can offer a respite from prying eyes, allowing you to relax and unwind at home with peace of mind.

Best Type Of Fences For Privacy

Although there’s a wide array of options for fencing, when privacy is your goal, you will need a fence with paneling. A beautiful wrought iron fence is wonderful for curb appeal, but will not offer you any protection from being viewed by others. You will want to choose a fence which offers a solid barrier, and is high enough to give you the privacy you crave. For most people, the wooden panel fence is the best option for obtaining a barrier between you and your neighbors.

Wooden privacy fences offer a solid wall which can be erected around part or all of your yard. These fences are excellent for privacy, but also are preferred for other reasons. Consider these additional benefits to adding a new wooden fence to your home:

–        Security. A wood panel fence helps keep your home and family safe from criminals or intruders looking for easy access to homes.

–        Safety. A solid fence is excellent to secure your children and pets in an enclosed area.

–        Beauty. Wooden fencing can add to the beauty and value of your home.

If you have been considering adding a new fence for privacy, security or safety reasons, a wooden privacy fence is the best option. Talk to your local landscaping company that offers fencing installation to schedule a consultation and estimate for your new wood fence.

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Fencing For Your Landscaping Project

Fencing has probably been around since man first owned property and wished to call it “his!”  With all of our modern technological enhancements, it remains one of the very few things in this world that still appears as it did in its origin and is still used for much the same purposes.

Fences can be used to surround your property, in essence, laying a boundary to your ownership.  However, they can also be used to partition various segments in your landscaping project much like the way that walls separate rooms within your home. Fences can provide safety around a swimming pool or protect your vegetables from unwanted dinner guests. They can be used to control the traffic flow on footpaths around your perennials or provide privacy for your hot tub parties.

The kind of fencing, type and material, are as varied as its usage.  Much that goes into designing the appropriate fence depends largely on your personal style preferences, in addition to location, purpose, height, detailing, and the need for flexibility or mobility.  Recently, due to the rising costs of lumber, many non-wood alternatives have been developed that are also longer lasting.  This allows for more color and a greater range of style.

Your local landscaping professional can help you wade through all of the available options in order to meet your fencing needs in a functional and attractive manner, as part of your overall landscaping site plan. Additionally, if setting property lines, the use of a licensed land surveyor may be necessary to avoid future disputes and or expense. For mutual satisfaction, sometimes neighbors will cooperate together with a land survey for shared property lines.

Tips for Fence Installation

Whether you’re looking at wood fences, chain link or ornamental iron, fencing adds value to your property and lifestyle. Take the time to carefully plan for a fence and the finished project will be more attractive and affordable.

Talk to your neighbors before contacting your local fence company. They may be willing to split the cost of the fence installation with you, and some contractors will offer you a discount on larger jobs spread across a few properties.

Find out about the local fencing bylaws in your area. In many cases the height and style restrictions are in place, especially on corner lots or in high traffic areas. Ask your fencing contractor and have a look around the neighborhood to see what other fence styles have been allowed.

Locate your property lines or have your property survey available for the installers to look over. Make sure that the fence is located within or on the property boundaries. Moving an existing fence can be an expensive and messy process, so be sure that the initial placement and measurements are correct.

Think about how your yard will look when the fence is up. Wood privacy fences can block out unattractive views and provide plenty of solitude, but they can also make a small yard appear even smaller. Consider chain link or iron fence if privacy isn’t an issue or opt for a lower wood fence to avoid feeling closed in.

Hire a professional fencing contractor for the best value. DIY fencing may look like a cheaper option, but when a fence is installed incorrectly it can create an eyesore and actually reduce the value of your property. Remember that you get what you pay for, and hiring a professional is always worth the additional investment.

Fences: Offering Privacy and Protection

Having lots of open backyard space is a great asset to a house. But if you have young kids or pets, you know how important it is to have adequate fencing around your yard for both protection and privacy.

There are many types of fences to choose from including chain link, PVC/Vinyl, aluminum and wood. Pricing will depend on what type of fence you choose and how much of it you will need. You also have to consider how high you want the fence, the style you want (slatted vs. picket) and the color. Some fences offer more privacy than others regardless of height. For example, chain link fencing is inexpensive, but it also does not provide much privacy from your neighbors. Some people prefer that because they do not like feeling boxed in by high, slatted fences. This is merely a matter of preference.

Regardless of what type of fence you select, it should have a lock on it that is child-proof. No fence should have a lock that can be easily manipulated and opened by a curious child. The whole idea of a fence is to keep your kids safe from wandering into the street as well as keeping other kids from wandering into your backyard without your knowledge.

A landscaping professional with experience in fence installation can help you select, design, and install a great looking fence for your home.  You can do it yourself, but if you are unfamiliar with the process, you may be wasting a lot of time trying to figure it out and still end up not installing it correctly. You sure do not want your fence to fall down during your first spring barbecue. Be as wise in your choice of installer as you would your decision in a fence and enjoy the privacy and protection your new fence will provide you and your family.