Combining Your Pool and Landscape Design

Your backyard swimming pool and the surrounding yard should blend perfectly. They are not two separate entities – they are all part of your outdoor living space. When adding a new pool or changing your landscape design, you need to consider the overall style you want to achieve. Here are some factors to consider when changing your landscaping or pool to ensure consistency in your outdoor space.

What Is Your Pool Style?

There are many types of pools, but most fit into a few basic styles. There are sleek, modern or contemporary designs that have clean or straight lines. Other pools are “lagoon-like” or have a curved shaped to look more natural. The landscaping to compliment a modern pool or a lagoon style are very different.

  • Modern pool styles. A minimal-approach for landscaping works well with modern pools. Clean lawns and limited foliage blends with a sleek pool design.
  • Natural pool styles. If you are trying to create a lagoon oasis in your backyard, you want plenty of plants and foliage. Large ferns and tropical plants can add to the effect you are trying to project.

It is important to consider these factors when making a change to either your pool or landscaping. A modern pool will look out of place in the midst of excessive plants and trees, but a natural pool will blend perfectly. If one area of your backyard is changing, you may need to consider updating other aspects for a balanced appearance.

It can be beneficial to find a company that offers both landscape and pool design in their services when updating your backyard space. This can ensure you create a balanced style that will look fantastic when it is completed.

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Best Plants to Use for Landscaping

There are hundreds of choices of plants you can add to your landscape design. Determining what is “best” for your yard comes down to your needs, preferences and style. There are a few factors to consider when deciding which plants will work best for your yard: space, function, maintenance and aesthetics. Here are some things to consider about these four factors when searching for the best plants for your landscaping design.


The best plants for your landscaping will depend on the space. Small saplings grow into large trees – you need to choose plants that will fit comfortable in your yard and not interfere with your home, pool, plumbing and other features on your property.


What function do you want from your plants? Whether you want trees for shade and privacy, or a vegetable garden for sustainable living, this all plays into the types of plants that will function in your landscape design.


Some plants are simple to grow. Native plants tend to be easier to maintain since they naturally thrive in the region where you live; for example, trying to maintain tropical foliage in a desert region is difficult. If you want easy maintenance, choose plants that do well in your type of climate and require little pruning or other maintenance.


Plants that add beauty to your landscaping is important. The colors, shapes and textures all add to your overall landscaping appearance. Choosing plants that fit your aesthetic tastes and meet the other three considerations are the most desirable.

To design a landscaped yard that is functional, beautiful and easy to maintain, you need the right plants and landscaping expertise. Talk to your local landscaper to find the best plants that will fit your needs.

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4 Important Elements of Planning Your Landscape Design

There is more to landscape design than just planting beautiful flowers and installing a patio. When you see an outdoor space that is designed with the right elements, it flows and seems balanced. It should be comfortable and meet the needs of the space. If you are planning a landscape design, consider these four elements:


You want to bring different textures into your design. This can be accomplished with stone or flat surfaces paired with rough barks, soft petals and velvety leaves.

Linear Movement

Lines or linear movement draw the attention of the eye to a focus point. You want to use lines within your design to direct how people view your space. Lines can also direct actual movement, as is the case with pathways. Edges and lines are all important to consider when you planning your landscape design.


Of course, color is important in your landscape design. You don’t want a bland color scheme, but you also don’t want to overwhelm the senses either. Seasons are also important to consider. You want to plan for when different plants will bloom to have color throughout the year.


Landscaping should be designed with scale in mind. That includes the structure it surrounds and other large elements such as outbuildings, patios, trees and decorative elements. A giant fountain may seem out of place by a small cottage.

Landscape design is not as easy as in may seem. Getting all the elements to blend and complement each other while keeping in mind the soil, sun and seasons can be difficult. To get a landscape design that is beautiful and functional, consider hiring a professional landscape designer for the best results.

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