Creating a Backyard Entertaining Area

Does your idea of a perfect summer weekend include inviting friends and family over for a backyard BBQ or party? If you love entertaining outdoors, you need the right elements in your backyard to make your guests comfortable. You need more than some patio furniture and a grill to make the ultimate backyard entertainment space. Consider adding some of these hardscapes to create a fantastic outdoor entertaining area right at home.

Large Patio

Even if you have a patio, make sure it is big enough to accommodate all your guests. You want your patio to be large enough to comfortably fit tables, chairs, grills and possibly a fire pit. Stone pavers are easy to maintain and look beautiful, a great choice for building an expansive patio. You can extend your existing patio by adding a sunken retaining wall patio with built in seating, a unique and stunning addition to any outdoor space.

Fire Pit or Outdoor Fireplace

Summer day backyard parties often go into the night. Add warmth and a flickering glow to your backyard with a fire pit or outdoor fireplace. Everyone loves sitting around the fire under the stars, adding a special element to your outdoor entertaining area.

Outdoor Kitchens

Upgrade your backyard cooking equipment by adding an outdoor kitchen. A gas or charcoal grill is fine, but often you end up running in and out of the house while you are preparing your meal. Spend time with your guests with an outdoor kitchen that has all the tools you need right on your patio.

Make your backyard the place to be this summer with a makeover of your outdoor entertaining space. Contact your local hardscape landscaper to start designing your new patio and other hardscape elements to create the best backyard on your block.

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Prefab or Custom Outdoor Fireplace? Pros and Cons

Have you been wanting to add an outdoor fireplace to your patio? Not only do they help take the chill out of the night, they can add elegance and flickering light to your outdoor space. If you are ready to upgrade your patio with a new stone fireplace, you have two options – prefab or custom built. Here are some of the pros and cons of each option.

Prefab Fireplaces

There are companies that make prefab outdoor fireplaces that are ready to be installed on your patio. They look like a stone fireplace but are usually made with veneer on the outside to emulate natural stone. Pros and cons include:

  • Prefab fireplaces require much less time to install than a custom-built design. They can also come with perfected drafting to make it easier to maintain your fire.
  • With prefab, you have limited styles to choose from and you will need to make it fit into your design, not design it to fit your patio style.

Custom Outdoor Fireplaces

A stone fireplace is a stunning centerpiece for your outdoor space, especially when it is designed especially for you. Pros and cons of a custom-made stone fireplace include:

  • Your fireplace is built to your specifications and is made from natural, durable stone. You can have a unique fireplace that is like no other.
  • It will take more time to build your custom fireplace and it usually will cost more than a prefab option.

Either choice will still give you a lovely fireplace in your backyard to enjoy on those late evenings on the patio. Talk to your local hardscape landscapers to determine which option best suites your needs.

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