Is Sod the Right Choice for Your Lawn?

If you have a sparse lawn that needs help or if you are landscaping a new home, sod is an option for creating a new lawn. You may wonder whether sod is the best choice or if seeding is a better for your budget. While sod is initially more expensive than seeding, there are some benefits that can make it a wise investment. Here are some of the advantages of sod to determine if it is the right choice for your new lawn.

Instant Results

Probably the most enticing attribute of a sod lawn is the instant gratification. In one day, a new lawn can be installed. You don’t need to wait months for thick grass to grow. While it still needs time to establish roots, it will look beautiful from day one compared to a seeded lawn.

Fewer Weed Problems

Sod is professionally grown and made with a thick grass root system. No weeds are present when it is installed and due to the dense roots, weeds will have a hard time finding anywhere to grow on your lawn. This means less money and time spent on weed killing now and in the future.

Healthier Grass and Improved Curb Appeal

It is hard to grow thick, healthy grass from seed. It requires constant watering, fertilizing and weed control over many months to establish a decent root base. Sod comes already healthy and beautiful. It is easier to keep healthy, giving you a gorgeous yard that will enhance your home’s curb appeal and value.

For many people looking to create a stunning lawn, sod is the best choice. To learn more, contact your local landscaper that offers sod installation.

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Choosing Sod for Your New Lawn

Are you tired of struggling to get the lush lawn you desire? Sod is the best way to get a beautiful lawn quickly, replacing your old grass with thick sod that will grow in its place. However, you must choose the type of sod that will both fit your lifestyle and maintenance needs, as well as your geographical region. Two of the most popular types of sod are Bermuda and Zoysia, which both offer a beautiful lawn, but have a few differences. Here are the basics between these two types to help you choose your sod type.

Bermuda Sod

Bermuda strains are warm-season grasses and do best in regions of the country without severe cold weather. Bermuda is a thick, fine turf that is very wear-resistant, great for busy lawns. Bermuda sod is great for hot summers where it grows quickly and is drought-resistant. It does require frequent mowing due to its hearty growth and is perfect for direct sun areas.

Zoysia Sod

Zoysia sod varieties are wonderful for heavy-traffic areas and large lawns where maintenance needs to be low. Zoysia grows slower and is thick enough to reduce the growth of weeds. Zoysia can tolerate drought and is versatile enough to thrive even in shaded areas. Zoysia is tolerated in many regions in the southwest and southeast in the U.S. and some northerly regions.

Not only is the sod you choose important, you want a landscape contractor that is experienced in installing sod. Make sure to discuss pretreating your yard before the sod is installed for the best quality lawn and fastest growth. Talk to your local landscaper to discuss which sod type will meet your needs best.

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