Top 3 Reasons to Install a Backyard Fountain

Do you love the water? Even if you don’t live at the beach or have a home overlooking a river, you can add the sound and beauty of water to your backyard. A fountain is a perfect way to bring the water to your home, without much expense. If you want to add some movement and beauty to your backyard, a fountain may be the perfect answer. Here are the top 3 reasons to install a backyard fountain.

  1. Cool breezes. A fountain adds a splash of water and coolness to your yard. The bigger the fountain, the more coolness it can bring to the air. You can enjoy a sprinkle and spray of water on a hot day, with the beauty of sun dancing off the water drops.
  2. Bring the wildlife. Birds and butterflies love a fountain. A refreshing fountain in your backyard can attract colorful wildlife for you to enjoy. By giving them a place to get the water they need to cool off and stay hydrated, you add another beautiful element to your outdoor space.
  3. Relaxing sound. The sound of a water fountain is soothing. You can sit back and relax in your backyard with the gentle sound of moving water. For many, this can reduce stress and help them unwind after a busy day.

Water fountains are a beautiful focal point for any backyard. If you wish you had a relaxing fountain, talk to your local landscaper. There are fountains of all shapes and sizes to fit any size yard and budget. Even small patios can fit a compact fountain that can add beauty and interest to your outdoor space.

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Why add a water feature to your backyard?

Are you thinking of changing the landscape design of your backyard? Maybe you should consider adding a water feature. There are many types to choose from that fit every budget and commitment level. Consider what a water feature can do for you.


There is nothing more relaxing than the sound of water.  It can mask the sound of neighbors and street noise to help you release the stresses of the day. Whether you have a large waterfall, or a small trickle, the sound will instantly calm the nerves.

Easy Upkeep

If you have a water feature, there is less yard to maintain. A pond or pondless waterfall with a rock bed takes up room that you no longer have to mow.

Many Styles

There are so many options for every size yard.  Large ponds with waterfalls, small fountains with recycling pumps, trickling pots; all give the sound that you are looking for while fitting in to whatever size area you have.

Water Attracts Nature

Water features invite nature into your yard. Deer can drink from your pond and hummingbirds will sip from your fountain. Yet another relaxing element that water brings.


Backyards with water features are one-of-a-kind. Friends will love to visit your backyard to experience the oasis you have built. They also add value to your home and make it stand out from the other houses on the block.

So no matter what your budget or space constraints are, water features can add value and beauty to your yard. Consider adding one from a local home improvement store or hiring a local landscaper to design a piece for you.

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Creating an Ecosystem Pond in Your Backyard

If you love the beauty of nature, especially water life, adding a pond or other landscaping water feature to your backyard can bring the sights and sounds to your home. While a koi pond or water garden is nice, if you want the full effect of interactive water life, consider an ecosystem pond. This is not just plants or fish, but a full spectrum of life that thrives together in nature. It can take some time to nurture, but over time, these types of ponds can take on a life of their own, creating a complete ecosystem in your backyard for your enjoyment.

What is an Ecosystem Pond?

Ponds in nature have a perfect balance of plants, fish and insects that feed and nourish each other. They keep each species in check – the insects thrive off water and plants, the fish feed off the insects and the plants flourish with water. The idea of an ecosystem pond is creating this same environment in your yard. To do this, you need a few key elements:

  • Fresh, clean water – filtered, flowing water is usually needed
  • Deep, shaded pool – too shallow or too sunny will not help fish thrive
  • Plenty of water plants – they add oxygen and attract the insects needed to feed your water life
  • Protection from leaves, algae and debris that can contaminate the water

If done correctly, your ecosystem pond can sustain a healthy fish population and even attract water birds if it is large enough. You can add a waterfall or other features to add to the beauty of your pond. To create this natural centerpiece, contact an experienced hardscape landscaper that offers ecosystem pond building to ensure you start with the right elements to create your perfect pond.

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5 Water Features that Can Add Beauty to Your Outdoor Space

Does your outdoor space need a refreshing water feature to bring it to life? Water can turn a boring patio or backyard into a pleasurable oasis that you can enjoy every day. Whatever the size of your backyard or limit to your budget, there is a water feature that can add beauty to your outdoor space. Consider these five water feature options.

  1. Koi pond. Bring the beauty of colorful fish and a living eco-system to your backyard. A koi pond is a lovely addition if you have the room and a relaxing place to enjoy nature in your own yard.
  2. The sound of water splashing over rocks or a sculpture is so relaxing and refreshing. Waterfalls can be as big or small as you want; even a tiny patio can have a small waterfall in the corner.
  3. Fountains. Spritzing water in the form of a fountain is the perfect water feature for small spaces. You can add a bird bath or a small moveable fountain that adds a little life to your patio or deck.
  4. Babbling brook. Flowing water has a relaxing quality that can turn your landlocked home into a riverside retreat. Create your own babbling brook that travels around your backyard.
  5. Water walls. Like waterfalls, water walls give you a cascading water feature that adds sound and movement to your outdoor space. Many use recycling options that help conserve water and energy, while still giving you a lovely feature for your enjoyment.

Although water features can add beauty to your home, they can be complicated to install. Talk to your local landscaper to get a professional installation to ensure your water feature will last for years to come.

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Unique Water Feature Ideas for Your Landscaping

Water features can add beauty and movement to your landscaping, transforming your outdoor space. While a quaint fountain or waterfall is nice, why not explore unique ideas that will set your yard apart? Here are a few intriguing water feature ideas to get your creative juices flowing to find the right option for your landscape design.

Encompassing Moat

While you may not own a castle, you can create an island on your property with integrated water features. Encircling your home with water, or at least part of it, can be a beautiful way to change your design. Consider a waterfall that flows into a stream, connecting to a pond. You can add a small bridge and water plants to make a fantastic water moat around the back or front of your home. 

Asian Pool

Bring the elegance of the East to your backyard with an Asian pool. Simplicity can be spectacular when combined with the right plants and design. This is a wonderful centerpiece for a back patio – larger pools can contain a floating walkway for a dramatic effect.

Rain Chain

Have limited space for water features? Add a rain chain that flows into a basin or pot for a small, but beautiful addition to your patio or deck.  The water flowing down the chain is mesmerizing and a great centerpiece.

While intricate water features can add a stunning effect to your landscaping, they can be tricky. Talk to your local landscaper to get the expertise you need to ensure your water feature turns out like you planned. It is worth the investment to have it installed professionally for the best effect.

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Transform Your Yard into a Sanctuary with Water Features

There’s nothing like the sound of rippling water fountains or running streams to soothe the mind. For most folks, those relaxing moments come along far too seldom, and usually involve packing off to a campsite or vacation destination. It’s surprisingly easy and affordable to bring nature to you, while sprucing up your yard.

Why call a travel agent for the calming effect of communing with nature when you can call your local landscaping service and have it brought to you in your own backyard? A professionally installed water feature will not only enliven your outdoor space; it will enrich you and your family’s lives as well.

Think of the sensation of relaxing at the foot of a stone wall fountain where once was only brick. Add vibrancy to your patio with a koi pond or water garden. Your garden is suddenly transformed into a nature preserve. You and your family can experience local wildlife up close and personal in your own backyard.

Fountainscapes bring dreary corners of your yard to life; your outdoor spaces will be a source of pride for you, entertainment and education for your family, and a natural habitat for local fauna.

You can find a wide selection of water features that will fit your spaces and your budget. Choose from an assortment of construction material, something that blends with your surroundings.

Convert your office building courtyard into a soothing centerpiece for employees and guests with a pondless waterfall or fountain. Contact your local landscaping service today and discover how easily and affordably you can add beauty and value to your home or business with a professionally installed water feature.

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Add the Tranquility of a Water Feature to Your Outdoor Space

You don’t need to pay for waterfront property to enjoy the tranquility of water at your home. Water features are an affordable way to bring the comforting sound and sight of water to your outdoor space. There are many options, big and small, when it comes to water features that can enhance your home’s aesthetic appeal while creating your own private oasis. Here are some ideas:

  • Water garden. Want to bring those beautiful water plants to your backyard? Consider a water garden with a variety of lily pads, ferns and other water plants that need an aquatic setting to grow.
  • Koi ponds. Create a living eco-system in your yard with a koi pond full of brightly colored fish. There is something peaceful about watching these beauties swim, like a natural aquarium in your outdoor space.
  • Waterfalls. The gurgling and splashing sounds of a waterfall is the ultimate in water features for your home. You can choose to incorporate a waterfall with another water feature such as a koi pond or use a pondless waterfall.
  • Bubbling urns. Even yards with very little space can have the added beauty of a water feature with bubbling urns. These recirculating water features come in a wide variety of sizes, shapes and designs that can add the sound and sight of water to any space.

There are other water features that can also be wonderful additions to your yard, such as fountainscapes, potted water gardens and advanced water ponds. Talk to your local landscaper that specializes in water feature installation to find the perfect way to add the tranquility of water to your outdoor living area.

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Dress Up Your Landscape with These Water Features

No matter how visually interesting your backyard is right now, the sparkle of a water feature can turn your landscape into a work of art.

Water features, such as a Koi pond, a pond-less waterfall, or fountain is the perfect addition to turn your backyard into a peaceful escape. Adding one or more of these water features to your landscape is time-consuming and a lot of work. Therefore, even if you have a design in mind, if you don’t have much experience you may want to consult a professional landscaper before starting. However, if you have some experience, plenty of time, and don’t mind the backbreaking work, this can be a rewarding workout.

Add a Stunning Koi Pond

Whether you belong to a Koi show club, or are just interested in adding a Koi pond for visual affect and family pleasure, there are a few things that must be considered for the health and well-being of your prized fish.

•            Skimmers, which are used to collect debris from the top of the pond water, such as leaves and uneaten food.

•            Mechanical filters, which are used to trap large items that may clog the biological filter.

•            Biological filters are used in what is known as a nitrogen cycle, which converts nitrogenous fish wastes.

•            Air and Water Pumps

•            Bottom drains, which can be used with filters and pumps to aerate and recirculate the pond water.

•            Ultraviolet Lights, which help flocculate the algae for removal through the mechanical filter.

What may be required for your Koi pond depends largely on its set up. Consult a professional landscaper regarding which apparatus are necessary and hire a professional, if necessary.

Add a Ravishing Pond-less Waterfall

Whether your concern is for the safety of neighborhood children or a space constraint, adding a waterfall without a pond can be easily achieved. The appeal of a waterfall is the blissful sound of water trickling over the rocks. Imagine the peace and tranquility of a book on the hammock beside your personal waterfall. The stress of your busy lifestyle will melt away, page after page in your personal paradise.

Whatever your imagination can compose, professional landscapers can advise you, some even offer a free consultation, if you are considering them to complete the project. Whether you wish to design your own waterfall flowing from an urn, using boulders, slate, and other materials to realize your backyard dream escape, or you want to use a kit, a professional landscaper can put it all together for you, if you are not incline to DIY.

Add a Fantastic Fountain  

Nothing adds elegant grace to a backyard quicker than a fantastic fountain. You could use a cheerful cherub pouring water from an urn into the fountain, or the more famous Venus de Milo. Even the simplest design coupled with some outdoor lighting will make your backyard sparkle. Fountains can flow down walls, trickle from arches, bubble up by your barbecue, or create a waterfall from a stone wall.

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Enhance Your Outdoor Space with a Beautiful Water Feature

Is your outdoor living space at your home the place you go to relax and unwind? Many people spend more time on their back patios during the warmer months than curled up on the couch. A great way to enhance your outdoor area is to add the beauty of a water feature, creating a cool, bubbling focus point for your yard.

Types of Water Features

There is something about the look and sound of water that creates a calming, natural appeal. Water features are an excellent way to incorporate that element into your yard, even if you live many miles from any body of water. From small, contained bubbling urns to large garden ponds with a waterfall, there are many ways to add the relaxing sound of moving water to your yard.

  • Ponds. There are plenty of small ponds that you can add, from koi to a reflection pool. Add water foliage to create a natural water garden oasis right in your backyard.
  • Waterfalls. Waterfalls can be used in conjunction with a pond or pool, or on their own. The sound and splash of a waterfall is one of the most popular water features for home outdoor decorating.
  • Fountains. You can add a water feature without changing your landscaping. Add a beautiful fountain, bubbling urn or potted water garden to get the benefit of moving water without taking up a large amount of yard space.

Having the sound and cool appeal of a water feature can improve the ambiance of your outdoor living area this summer. Talk to a local landscaper that offers water feature installation to discuss what option would work best in your landscaping design.

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Winterizing Your Outdoor Water Features

If you have decorative ponds, waterfalls or other outdoor water features, it’s important to make sure they’re ready for the colder months ahead. Even in mild climate regions, there can be some periods where temperatures will drop below freezing. To protect your investment in these beautiful accents to your yard, take the time to perform the recommended fall maintenance.

Small Water Features

Most small water features, like fountains or self-contained pieces, should be emptied and stored for the winter. Since these are smaller, they will also freeze more easily, which can cause damage to the housing and pumps. Once emptied of all water, clean these features thoroughly and store in a garage or shed until the danger of freezing weather has passed.

Ponds And Larger Water Features

Large water features, such as fish ponds or waterfalls, will need more work to get them ready for winter. Any water feature which features a pump is in danger of having the pump freeze and become damaged. In most cases, removing the pump is necessary to protect it from freezing. In addition, you will need to winterize the following:

  • Tropical water plants. In colder regions, these plants will need to be removed. In many cases, you can winter these plants to use again in the spring. Talk to your landscaper about how to protect your water feature plants over the colder months.
  • Cleaning water features. Make sure you thoroughly clean out all debris from your water features before winter. Leaves, grass and other debris can deteriorate in the water over dormant months and can be deadly to fish, so make sure to cover fish ponds with netting before the winter.

If you live in a warmer climate, it may not be necessary to completely winterize your water features. However, it is best to consult your landscaping professional to ensure your features are ready to handle any unexpected cold weather.

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