7 Reasons to Hire a Lawn Care Service

Do you dread spending hours mowing your lawn and maintaining your yard? Some people enjoy lawn maintenance and gardening, while for others it is a chore. If maintaining your lawn and outdoor space is not your cup of tea, you should consider outsourcing it to a lawn care service. Beyond ridding yourself of a chore you dislike, here are seven other reasons to leave your lawn care to the professionals.

  1. Better care for your grass and plants. Lawn care professionals know the best way to make your lawn and plants look their best and keep them healthy.
  2. Your yard impacts your home’s value. It is worth investing in landscaping to enhance curb appeal and the overall value of your home.
  3. Stop spending money on lawn equipment. Lawnmowers, weed eaters and other lawn equipment are expensive to buy and maintain. Put that money into hiring a service that owns their own equipment.
  4. Improve the design of your yard. Landscapers can improve the design of your yard for form and function.
  5. Reduce risks of injury. Some yard maintenance can be risky; leave tree trimming and other hazardous activities to trained pros.
  6. Your time is valuable. The hours you spend on lawn care could be better used elsewhere. Remember that your time is valuable – often it is worth more than the money spent on lawn care.
  7. Specialized services. If you have a lawn care service year-round, they can perform those specialized services like aerating, re-seeding, sod installation and yard clean-up as needed.

Hiring a lawn care service can be a wise investment in your home and quality of life. Hand over your lawn care to the professionals and enjoy using your time the way you prefer.

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Fall Clean Up for Your Yard

Spring may be time for deep cleaning the home and even your outdoor areas, but fall is another opportunity to spruce your property. After summer is gone and the vegetation changes seasons, it is important to perform a final clean up in your yard before winter. Here is a checklist to complete on your outdoor areas to ensure it is ready for the cooler months ahead.

Trim and Prune

Many shrubs, bushes and other perineal plants or trees need trimming to stay healthy and prevent overgrowth. Rose bushes and other shrubs need can be trimmed and pruned one last time before winter. This is a good time to remove any dead branches and limbs from trees and shrubs to reduce the mess and damage when winter storms roll in.

Rake and Remove Debris

Once the leaves have all fallen, raking away all your dead leaves, berries and other debris is important to keep your lawn healthy. If you have a compost area, this debris will help make fodder for fertilizer for spring. Otherwise you will need to haul away your debris to a local compost area or dump.

Mulch and Protect

Once the yard is cleaned up, you want to protect your plants and features. Perform winterizing on water features, irrigation and pools as needed. You will also want to add mulch around trees, bushes and shrubs to protect their roots during the winter months ahead.

Fall cleanup can be quite the chore. If you want to make it easier on yourself, contact a local landscaper for fall cleanup service. They can perform the needed maintenance and haul away your leaves and other debris, leaving your yard neat and ready for the winter ahead.

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Should You Have Landscaping Service During the Winter?

In warmer regions of the country, lawn care can be a year-round activity. While there is less maintenance during the winter months, landscaping does require care if you want your yard to look presentable. However, many people stop their landscaping service during the winter months to save a little money. If you are one of these people, you may want to consider opting for year-round service – here are a few reasons why.

Keep Your Yard Tidy

Even if the grass doesn’t need mowing and it is not time to prune, landscapers will still keep your yard looking neat. Raking and yard clean-up are needed year-round, especially during the winter. Having your landscaper still make the rounds will keep your yard tidy and looking nice all winter.

Weed Control and Overgrowth

Even when grass and some plants go into dormant stages, there are still weeds and other plants that continue to thrive during the winter. Your landscape service can ensure that weeds are pulled, and overgrowth is trimmed back to maintain your yard.

Better Pricing

You may get a better deal on your landscaping service if you sign a year-long contract. It may not cost much more to have year-round service versus a shorter contract, making it worth the little extra to keep your lawn maintained.

Early Springs, Late Falls

If you have year-round service, you do not need to worry about whether you will need lawn care later due to a long fall or earlier due to an early spring. Your landscaper will be there to care for your landscaping regardless of the weather changes.

Talk to your landscaping company about the benefits of having service through all four seasons, including the winter. It may be worth the investment.

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Fall Landscaping Checklist

Just because summer is over does not been it is time to lock up your yard maintenance equipment. There is plenty to do to protect your yard during the winter months and prepare your landscaping for next spring. Here is a fall landscaping checklist to give your yard a little TLC before the cooler months ahead.

  • Aerate, feed and final mow. Give your lawn a little loving before letting it rest for the winter. If thatch is thick, aerating is a good idea. Fertilizing can also be beneficial and before you put away your equipment, give the lawn a short mow.
  • Trim back branches and shrubs. Fall is a good time to remove any dead branches from trees and shrubs to avoid falling limbs during winter storms.
  • Plant new bushes or shrubs. Planting new shrubs or bushes in early fall can give them opportunity to build a root system over the winter months in some regions.
  • Plant spring bulbs. Plan for your first spring flowers and bulb herbs by planting bulbs in September or October.
  • Drain drip or irrigation systems. Remove all water from your irrigation systems and shutdown the system for the winter.
  • Rake and remove leaves. Leaves make great fodder for fertilizer. Rake your leaves and start or add them to a compost pile.
  • Mulch. Protect tree roots by adding mulch around tree trunks to provide insulation before the cold weather arrives.

Finishing your yard work for fall can be taxing. For the bigger jobs like aerating, trimming, fertilizing and mulching, hire a local landscaper to complete your fall landscaping checklist. The professionals can ensure your lawn, trees and other plants are ready to withstand the winter ahead and be in good shape when spring arrives next year.

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How to Make Your Landscaping Dog-Friendly

You love your dog, but you also want a beautiful yard to enjoy with friends and family. Unfortunately, sometimes it is difficult to have both. Your yard is also your pooches play area and bathroom, which can lead to worn lawn, yellow grass, dug up gardens and other issues. You can maintain a beautiful yard and give your dog a place to enjoy outside with a few tricks to make your yard dog-friendly.

Protecting the Grass

It is common for dogs to wear pathways in a lawn to their favorite spots. Urine is another problem; you may find yellow spots of dead grass where they like to relieve themselves. To keep a lush, green lawn, here are some tips:

  • Fertilize and feed your grass to keep it hardy and able to withstand exposure to urine and paw traffic
  • Water the spots where you dog urinates immediately
  • Train your dog to urinate in one area, preferably one without grass
  • Create stone pathways in worn areas – it creates a beautiful hardscape and a place for their paws to travel off the grass

There is not a type of grass that is completely resistant to damage from urine but keeping it healthy and limiting exposure can help you maintain a green lawn.

Enclose Gardens and Soft Dirt Areas

Take away the temptation for dogs to dig. Soft dirt is inviting to dogs and they may want to bury a bone or toy in your garden. Enclose flower beds and gardens with a small fence to let them know this area is off limits.

You can have both dogs and a landscaped, beautiful yard, but it does require some work. Make it easier on yourself; hire a professional landscaper to keep your lawn in excellent health and for adding hardscapes like pathways to protect your lawn.

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Leave the Yard Clean Up to the Professionals

Every time a storm blows through your town, you can be left with a mess in your yard. Depending on the size of the storm, you may need to spend hours or even days doing yard cleanup to restore your landscaping. If it was a large storm, you may also have tree branches that need to cut up and removed from your property. Here are a few reasons to leave yard clean up to the professionals when the next storm leaves a big mess in your yard.

They Have the Equipment

You may not have all the tools and equipment needed to do yard cleanup right. In some cases, you may need pruning shears, wheelbarrows, rakes, chainsaws, a truck and even a shovel to put your yard back into tip-top shape. Professional landscapers have the tools needed and bring their own to the complete the job right.

Reduce Strain

If you have a bad back or other physical limitations, yard cleanup can be hard on your body. Bending, lifting, climbing and repetitive motions can be cause strain on your body. Give yourself a break and let pros do the cleanup for you.

Hauling Away the Mess

Not only can a professional landscaper come and cleanup the mess left by a storm, they will haul it away to a local collection site. If you don’t own a truck, this can be a crucial benefit of hiring a pro.

Why spend the time cleaning up and hauling away all the storm mess in your yard? Call in a local landscaper that can remove the debris, haul it away and restore your property to pristine condition.

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The Best Times to Fertilize Your Lawn

The grass in your lawn needs nutrients to thrive, but every year the soil can become depleted from constant growth throughout the seasons. Fertilizer enhances the soil, helping your grass grow thicker, greener and helping it survive during the height of drought or heat periods of summer. However, there are better times than others to feed your lawn. Knowing when to add fertilize can help you get the best results from your efforts.

Spring Feeding

In most regions, fertilizer is not needed in the winter. The best time to start fertilizing is in the spring when the soil reaches about 55 degrees. The grass should be growing and early bloomers like lilacs may begin to show their blossoms. April and May are usually the best months to feed your lawn, giving it the first boost to help it flourish.

For most lawns, fertilizer can be added every 4-8 weeks from spring to fall. Time released granules can last 6-8 weeks between applications. Keep in mind that if you have sprinklers, you will likely need to fertilize more often. Watering flushes away fertilizer quicker, so plan on more applications in the months when the most watering is needed. When fertilizing, it is always better to use less than more; too much can burn and do more harm than good.

As far as the type of fertilizer, it depends on the type of grass you have and the composition of your soil. The most accurate way to add fertilizer is to have your local landscaper test your soil and recommend the right combination of fertilizer to give you the best results. If you have a landscaper that does your lawn maintenance, they can take care of your fertilizing for you and ensure that your grass stays green and healthy through the growing season.

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Thin or Weed-Infested Lawn? Bring Your Grass Back to Life

It is harder that it would seem to maintain a lush, green lawn. While grass seems to grow everywhere, so do the weeds that also like the same terrain. If your lawn is looking sparse, or there seems to be more dandelions and weeds than grass, there are ways to bring your lawn back to health. Here are a few options to make your lawn thick and lush again.

Weed Control

If you have too many weeds, they can be stealing all the nutrients and water from your grass. The first step in creating a thicker, healthier lawn is controlling the weeds. Using the right agents that attack weeds while preserving your grass can go a long way in helping restore a healthy lawn.

Overseeding and Fertilizing

Thin grass often needs more nutrients and more blades to make a thick lawn. Overseeding your lawn and adding the right fertilizer can give the nutrients the soil needs with new seeds to thicken the growth. With the weeds gone, the nutrients in the soil and new growth, your lawn can come back to life.

When All Else Fails…

When your grass refuses to come back to life or you want a quicker fix, consider new sod. You can have healthy sod laid that gives you a new base to nourish, making it quicker and easier to get the lush lawn you desire.

If you are tired of your thin or weed-infested lawn, contact your local landscaper for a grass evaluation. They can determine whether your lawn can be rejuvenated or if it is time to consider new sod to create the lush grass you desire.

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Do You Have a Brown Thumb? Try Landscape Revitalization

Are you frustrated with trying to create a beautiful landscape around your home? Many people are not blessed with a green thumb, with brown being the more appropriate color. Keeping plants, trees and grass healthy is not always as easy as it may seem. If you have shrubs, trees, flowers, grass and other plants that seem to whither under your brown thumb, it may be time for landscape revitalization.

What is Landscape Revitalization?

Unlike landscape design, revitalization is improving the environment for your existing landscaping. It is not a makeover of design, but a strategic plan to improve the health of your plants, soil and growth. You may have tried various steps to help your plants thrive without success, but do not be discouraged. It often takes a landscaping expert to determine the problem and execute the best solutions to renovate your landscaping. This can include:

  • Soil testing for PH balance and nutrient requirements
  • Pruning
  • Fertilizing
  • Customizing irrigation
  • Aeration
  • Reseeding

Through landscape revitalization, a professional landscaper can evaluate your yard and create a plan to renew the health of your soil and plants. Using soil testing and other gauges, they can find the best balance to enhance the health of your plants. They can also determine the best options for ongoing maintenance to help ensure your landscaping thrives. This can be a cost-effective option to save your existing landscaping without needing to replant or install sod.

If your brown thumb is killing your landscaping, contact a local landscaper that offers a revitalization service. You may be surprised how a little professional care by someone with a green thumb can bring your landscaping back to life and create the yard you have wanted all along.

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Does Your Lawn Need Aeration This Spring?

Spring is the best time to give your lawn the maintenance it needs to flourish during the hotter summer months. Fertilizing, reseeding and aeration are all best done in the spring. This gives your grass the nutrients and environment it needs to sustain its health through the heat of summer. Aeration is one process that is often overlooked that can be beneficial to lawn health and beauty. Here is how to know whether your lawn needs aeration and why it is beneficial to have this service performed.

Thick Thatch

Look at the ground under your grass and check the texture. If there is a thick, soft covering of undergrowth that covers the soil, this is thatch that can hinder the health of your lawn. Thick thatch can reduce the amount of air, water and nutrients that can penetrate down to the roots of your grass. Water and fertilizer can be trapped on top of the thatch, starving and dehydrating your grass, plus it can be suffocated from getting the oxygen it needs.

Benefits of Aeration

With aeration, holes are punched through thick thatch, allowing your grass roots to get the nutrients it needs. This can help grass reach its potential, becoming thicker and healthier to survive the hot months of summer. It can also reduce the amount of irrigation needed to sustain a healthier lawn, cutting down on watering expenses.

Aeration is best performed by a professional landscaper that can evaluate your lawn and determine the correct amount of perforation needed for the best results. Plus, they have the equipment needed, which not all homeowners have on hand. Contact your local landscaping service if your lawn needs aeration to ensure a beautiful lawn all summer long.

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