Considerations When Planning Your Irrigation System

To keep your lawn, gardens and other plants in your yard healthy, irrigation can be necessary. The hot, dry summer months can be hard on your landscaping, requiring added irrigation to maintain a beautiful yard. Irrigation is more complex than just putting a few sprinklers in your yard. You need to consider several aspects to create an efficient and effective irrigation system.

Shade and Direct Sunshine

The areas in your yard that are shaded may not lose moisture as quickly as areas with direct sun. It is also important to consider what areas get morning sunshine versus the hot afternoon sun. Your shaded and morning sunshine spots may not need as much irrigation.

Slopes and Drainage

Water runs downhill, even when the soil is dry and needing irrigation. Planning of your irrigation system should take into consideration the slopes in your yard and areas where water can pool.

Watering Near Hardscapes

If you have a deck, patio, pool, retaining walls or other hardscapes, you need to consider how irrigation can impact these structures. You may want to avoid irrigation overlapping certain hardscapes to prevent damage, settling or other problems.

Types of Plant Life

Different plants require various watering schedules. There are some plants and trees that do not need constant watering, while others need moist soil to survive. It is vital not to over or under-saturate the soil to protect the grass, plants and trees in your landscaping.

When adding a new irrigation system, it helps to have a professional landscaper as your installer. They can carefully plan your irrigation system to best suit your landscaping needs, creating an efficient and effective watering system.

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When Is the Best Time to Water Your Lawn?

You will often see sprinklers watering lawns at all times of the day. While it may be enjoyable to run through a sprinkler when temperatures are hot, it is not the best time of day to water your grass. To get the most benefit with the least amount of water waste, it is best to have a set schedule for watering.

Early Mornings are Best

When the temperatures are cooler, usually in the early morning, that is the best time to water your lawn. Anytime from 4 am to 10 am, before the temperatures begin to rise, it a perfect time to replenish moisture in the soil. If you water during the day, much of it evaporates and does not make it into the root system. Watering in the evening can also cause issues; the water can stay on top of the lawn and promote fungal growths that can be detrimental to a lawn. Water in the mornings; most lawns need to be watered 2-3 times a week to keep them healthy.

Invest in an Automatic Irrigation System

The easiest way to water your lawn regularly and in the prime hours is to invest in an automatic irrigation system. You can set your timer for early mornings a few times a week. Newer smart systems even have rain detectors and other options to help you avoid overwatering. Plus, these smart systems can be managed from your smartphone, making it simple to stay on top of your watering needs.

Talk to your local landscaper about the best watering schedule for your region and grass type. They can also help you find the best irrigation system for your needs and install it for you.

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New Options in Lawn and Garden Irrigation

Are you struggling to keep your lawn and garden watered? If you do not have irrigation or your system still requires manual operation, it may be time to update to a new irrigation system. There are many new options and features available in lawn and garden irrigation that can save you time and reduce water waste while improving your landscaping. Here are some of the options you can choose from with a new irrigation system.

Multiple Zones

You need different irrigation options for your lawn, landscaping and garden. New systems come with multiple zones that you can set with your preferences, customizing your watering needs to your different plant types and conservation methods.


If you still depend on manual controls, timers will make watering simple. Set your timers to water automatically whether you are at home or not, ensuring your lawn and garden are always getting the moisture they need.

Smart Controls

One of the biggest advancements in irrigation is smart controls. Depending on the system you choose, you can have features that take all the guesswork out of irrigation. New smart systems can measure moisture levels and detect rain, helping reduce water waste – no more sprinklers turning on when Mother Nature has already provided enough water. Plus, many smart systems have apps that you can download to your smartphone, giving you access to your system 24/7 from wherever you are.

A new irrigation system can help make it easier to maintain a stunning yard while saving you time and conserving water. If you are ready to upgrade your irrigation system, contact your local landscaper that installs new systems to lean about all the options available.

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4 Reasons to Invest in New Irrigation

Watering and landscaping go hand in hand. When the driest months of the summer hit, green lawns turn brown and flowers begin to wilt in the heat. Irrigation can give your landscaping the moisture it needs to survive without needing to manually water your lawn and plants. If you do not have irrigation or have an older system, a new irrigation or sprinkler system can ensure your landscaping gets the water it needs, with new options that can make it easier and more efficient.

  1. Even watering. Do you have uneven spots in your yard? New irrigation can give you even watering that ensures that all your grass gets the same amount of moisture for a lovely green lawn.
  2. Irrigation for gardens. You can tie in irrigation for your flower beds, gardens and even hanging plants around your home. This makes it easier to maintain all your landscaping and plants, not just your lawn.
  3. Efficiency. New irrigation systems are built for efficiency. Timers and other options can help reduce the amount of water you use, saving money and reducing water waste during the hottest months of summer.
  4. Go Smart. The smart options on new irrigation systems are amazing. They can give you remote access to your irrigation system, with smart sensors that detect moisture levels in the soil, rain and other elements. Your irrigation can be automated, helping you maintain your landscaping even when you are away from home.

If you are ready to upgrade your irrigation for your landscaping, contact a local landscaper. They can inspect your property and make recommendations for a system that will make it easier and more efficient to maintain your landscaping.

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How Advanced Irrigation Can Improve Your Lawn

Are you tired of fighting off the brown and yellow grass in the last months of summer? It can be difficult to keep a beautiful, green lawn without the right irrigation system. Even if you have an older irrigation system in place, it may not offer all the benefits of newer systems. Here are some of the advantages of adding a new smart irrigation system to your yard to improve your lawn for next summer.

  • Wi-fi capabilities. New smart irrigation systems can be set up to connect with your smartphone or tablet, giving you access to controlling your irrigation from wherever you are. This can help you manage your watering schedule beyond just setting a timer – you can turn on your sprinklers whenever, from wherever.
  • Reduced water use. With better controls comes better use of water. Smart irrigation systems are aware of weather and can be set to detect rain and precipitation so that you don’t use your sprinklers when it’s raining.
  • Improved lawn care. Not only can smart irrigation systems control your watering, they can help improve the care of your lawn. Some systems have capabilities to check fertilizer levels, temperatures, light and many other factors that impact your lawn. One interface can manage your lawn care and keep you on top of improving the health of your grass.

If you are ready to get the green, lush lawn you always wanted, consider investing in a new smart irrigation system. Talk to your local landscaper about upgrading your irrigation to a smarter, greener system that will help you get the best lawn for next summer.

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Is it Time to Replace Your Sprinkler System?

If the hot summer weather put your old sprinkler system to the test and it failed, it may be time to invest in a new system. Whether your home had a sprinkler system in place when you bought it or it has been years since you last purchased an irrigation system, there are new options you should consider for your system. Before you buy, consider these options for your new sprinkler system to make the most of your investment.

  • Master valve. Although not standard, having a master valve added to your sprinkler system can be a useful and conservatory feature. This allows you to shut off water to your system at-will. Turning it off between watering or in the off-season can ensure that you don’t spring a leak in your system without your knowledge.
  • Rain sensor. Save money and water by installing a rain sensor. This automatically changes your sprinkler usage when it rains. This is particularly useful when you are traveling or away from home.
  • Pressure reducing valve. In some regions, you may be required to install a PRV for your irrigation, while it is optional in other places. Talk to your installer about adding a PRV if you don’t have one. If you do, make sure to discuss how your irrigation system will affect the water pressure in your home.

It is not just the irrigation system you choose that is important. You also want to make sure that it is installed correctly. Having correct placement and a coordinated plan is essential to reduce water waste and for even irrigation. Hire a landscaping company that is experienced in installing quality sprinkler systems without ruining your expensive landscaping design.

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Tips for Installing a New Irrigation System for Your Lawn

In the warmer regions of the country, an irrigation system is a necessity for maintaining a beautiful lawn through the hot summer. If you are considering adding a new irrigation system or replacing an old sprinkler, there are some considerations to keep in mind. Not only is the type of irrigation system important, but also how it is installed and what additional features you may need can come into play. Here are some tips to keep in mind before installing a new irrigation system for your lawn.

  • Hand-dug trenches. If you have meticulously landscaped your yard, you do not want machinery used for installing irrigation systems to ruin all your hard work. Choose a landscaping company that offers hand-dug trenches to preserve your landscaping.
  • Sprinkler layout. Where the sprinkler heads will be placed is a crucial part of planning your irrigation system. Work with a landscaper that takes your plants, shaded areas, slopes and other elements into consideration when creating your new irrigation system. Sprinkler heads need to be evenly spaced and put in the most advantageous areas to maintain a superb lawn.
  • Additional features. Do you need a PRV valve installed or a rain sensor for your irrigation system? Make sure to discuss what options you need to make sure your new sprinklers are up to code for your city and efficient in water use.

Irrigation systems can make it easier to maintain your beautiful lawn through the hot summer months and add value to your home. Make sure your new system is installed right the first time by hiring an experienced landscaper that specializes in irrigation system installations.

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Five Things You Need to Know Before Installing Lawn Irrigation

If you decided that it is time to have an irrigation system installed in your yard, there are a few things you need to know. While there are many options available when it comes to lawn irrigation, there are a few tips that can help you avoid common mistakes. Here are five things to keep in mind before you begin installing a new irrigation system.

  1. Have a design plan. An irrigation system should always be carefully planned before it is installed. A professional landscaper will create a detailed design plan to coordinate where the sprinklers will be laid and take into consideration shade, vegetation and drainage.
  2. Quality hardware. Many DIY homeowners have made the mistake of buying sprinkler systems from a box store and found out the hard way that many cheaper sprinkler systems do not last. Make sure you have quality hardware for your system.
  3. Pop-ups. Pop-up sprinkler heads are recommended for areas with foot traffic, such as near walkways or by garden areas. This can reduce tripping hazards.
  4. Zoning. Your sprinkler system should be based on different zones that have different watering needs. This will ensure that shaded areas do not get too much water while sunny spots may need more.
  5. Water waste. While you can expect your water bill to rise when you have an irrigation system, there are ways to cut down on waste. Talk to your landscaper about how to avoid overspray, overwatering and other irrigation issues that can waste water.

There is more to an irrigation system than just installing sprinklers in the ground. It is worth the investment to have your system professionally installed to get the best quality system that is properly designed for your landscaping needs.

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Is Your Sprinkler System Ready for Summer?

In many areas of the country, sprinklers are not just a convenience, they are almost a necessity for maintaining a green lawn. Not only do they keep your grass and other plants watered, they retain a moisture level in your yard to deter accidental fires during the hot and dry summer months. Before the temperatures rise, it is time to ensure that your sprinkler system is ready to handle the summer months ahead.

Sprinkler Maintenance

Like all equipment with moving parts, your sprinkler system needs regularly maintenance to keep it working like it should. If you have had your system disabled since last fall, it is time to inspect your system and do some maintenance to ensure that it is ready to tackle the job of watering your lawn over the next few months. A few things that should be on your sprinkler maintenance checklist include:

  • Check and clean filters
  • Uncover, check and clean the rain sensor
  • Before turning on the water to the system, ensure manual drain valves are in the closed position
  • When turning on the main water valve to your system, do so slowly to regulate the water surge
  • Check the operating pressure- low pressure could mean a line leak or missing sprinkler
  • Reprogram your system for auto-watering

If you are uncomfortable doing the maintenance on your sprinkler system or your notice any problems, call in your local landscaping company that services sprinkler systems. They can inspect your system and do any repairs needed before the hottest days of summer arrive. It is better to find a leak or malfunctioning component now to reduce waste and repair costs down the road.

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Choosing the Right Irrigation System Installation for Your Yard

Adding an irrigation system can help you maintain a beautiful green lawn, even during those dry weeks in mid-summer when there isn’t a rain cloud in sight. Although it is a great way to maintain your lawn, it is important to choose the right layout and installation process to meet your needs and protect your existing landscaping.

Proper Installation of Your Irrigation System

Regardless of the type or brand of irrigation system you choose, if it is not properly installed it may not function at peak performance. There are several factors to consider before your system is installed to ensure you get the most out of your new irrigation system:

  • Watering needs. Every yard and lawn is different, making it essential to have a professionally designed layout for your irrigation needs. Consider what areas will get the most benefit from regular irrigation versus plants and shaded areas that will need less water.
  • Sensors. As part of your installation, having rain sensors installed can help manage your watering needs. You do not want to waste water during rainy days or over-water your lawn.
  • Valves. Talk to your irrigation installer about what valves will be needed for optimum performance for your irrigation system, including master and PVC valves.
  • Trenches. Choose an irrigation installer that offers to carefully dig trenches for your new system. Hand digging can ensure that trenches do not disturb existing landscaping versus machined trenches.

To get the best irrigation system for your lawn, first find a qualified landscaping professional that specializes in careful and meticulous installation of their systems. A great irrigation system starts with expert installation that will work best for your home and yard.

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